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Key-Whitman Chief Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Whitman & Wife Featured in Living Well Magazine

Last September, Key-Whitman Chief Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Whitman and his wife, Bonnie, were featured in Living Well magazine. The article was about how RXSight’s Light Adjustable Lens has helped Bonnie improve her post-cataract vision. The story began when Bonnie started having trouble seeing when she was driving at night, which turned out to be a sign that Bonnie had developed cataracts.

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In the 90s, Bonnie had Radial Keratotomy (RK) surgery, which corrected her distance vision. However, like LASIK, RK surgery doesn’t prevent a person from needing reading glasses later in life, nor can it prevent the development of cataracts down the road.

Still, Bonnie’s RK surgery did allow her to enjoy years of great vision without the aid of contacts or glasses. Bonnie loved being able to see great without the need to wear glasses or contacts. That’s one of the reasons Dr. Whitman suggested she choose RXSight’s Light Adjustable Lens for her cataract surgery. One of the benefits of choosing Light Adjustable Lenses for your cataract surgery is that you won’t need to wear contacts or eyeglasses once your eyes have healed post-surgery.

What’s the Main Benefit of Choosing RXSight’s Light Adjustable Lens for Your Cataract Surgery?

RXSight’s Light Adjustable Lens is a revolutionary new cataract surgery option that is available at Key-Whitman Eye Center. Like most other types of cataract surgery, during Light Adjustable Lens cataract surgery, the cataracts are removed and replaced with intraocular lens implants. Following Light Adjustable Lens surgery, patients must wear ultraviolent eye protection until they have fully healed from the surgery.

The difference between, and main benefit of, RXSight’s Light Adjustable Lens cataract surgery is that once a patient’s vision is stable and they are fully healed after Light Adjustable Lens surgery, the focusing power of the lens can be fine-tuned. A specialized and painless beam of UV light can be used to modify patients’ vision to their liking.

In the case of Bonnie, post-surgery, Dr. Whitman was able to use the UV light to adjust her lenses to the point that she can see great for all distances. With other forms of cataract surgery, those types of post-surgery adjustments can sometimes require additional surgeries.

More About Dr. Jeffrey Whitman and Key-Whitman Eye Center

Dr. Jeffrey Whitman is Chief Surgeon and President of Key-Whitman Eye Center. He earned his undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University and his M.D. from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. Dr. Whitman is one of a handful of North Texas physicians to be certified in both LASIK and cataract surgery by the American Board of Eye Surgeons. Texas Monthly named Dr. Whitman “Best Ophthalmologist in Texas” and for 21 years, he has been named “Best in Ophthalmology and LASIK” by D Magazine.

Key-Whitman Eye Center has been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for more than 60 years. We are the trusted choice of countless individuals and families throughout the community. We have earned that trust by always putting our patients and their well-being above all else and providing service that is second to none.

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