Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)

Light Adjustable Lens in Dallas, TX

The Lens for Post-Cataract Surgery Optimization

Light adjustable lenses are made of photo-sensitive materials that alter the power of your new lens in the way it responds to UV light. This increases the odds that the patient will attain optimal vision levels post-surgery. We prepare a personalized prescription for their adjustable lens. We optimize the patient’s vision with these lenses through a series of non-invasive light treatments.

Patients often need two to four light treatments over a period of one to two weeks to achieve their desired level of vision. Treatments begin within 17-24 days after we implant the Light Adjustable Lens. Lock-in light treatment is performed after each treatment to help create a permanent correction.

During the light treatment, the patient sits in front of the Light Delivery Device, which non-invasively delivers UV light to the lens. This process serves to improve the patient’s vision and their ability to see effectively from a distance. During this time, they will have the opportunity to tell us about their personal preferences when it comes to their vision. One adjustment is included in our fee. Further adjustments are available at additional fees. The patient will select the vision preferences that we will make possible through the final light treatment.

Light Adjustable Lenses vs. Traditional Lenses

Light adjustable lenses are very unique because they can be adjusted to your preferences after the lens is already placed in your eye. That’s why the results go beyond what any traditional lenses can provide. In fact, in an FDA-conducted study involving 600 participants, those who received Light Adjustable Lenses followed by adjustments were twice as likely to achieve an uncorrected distance vision of 20/20 after 6 months in comparison to the individuals who received traditional lenses. With traditional lenses, your measurements are performed prior to having surgery. While patients experience significant improvement, only limited adjustments can be made post-surgery. Other benefits of light adjustable lenses include:

  • Light Adjustable Lenses are made of special photosensitive material that change power of the implanted lens in response to ultraviolet (UV) light.
  • The treatments are painless, noninvasive, and efficient. They typically last around 90 seconds each, but can last anywhere between 40 seconds to 2 and a half minutes.

How Are UV Protection Glasses Used With The Light Adjustable Lens?

After lens implantation, patients will wear UV protective glasses until the last light treatment is complete to prevent exposure to sources of UV light that can lead to uncontrolled changes in the Light Adjustable Lens. This is a clear pair of protective glasses that must be worn even while indoors. There is also a tinted pair that is ideal for being out in the sunlight. We recommend that the glasses only be removed when showering, washing the face, or applying eye drops until the last treatment is complete.

Why Do You Need a Lens Implant After Cataract Surgery?

A cataract develops when aging or injury cause changes or damage the tissue that make up the lens in your eye. Cataracts can also be caused by genetic disorders and other health problems. Cataracts are a common result of the aging process. More than half of all Americans who are age 80 and above either have cataracts or have had them surgically removed. The main symptom that patients with cataracts experience is blurry vision. During cataract surgery, the affected clouded area of the lens is removed and a new lens is implanted in it’s place. The lens bends light rays that enter the eye just like a natural lens to help patients see.

How to Choose a Cataract Surgeon

When selecting a surgeon to perform your cataract surgery, it is essential to select a board-certified eye surgeon, who is both highly experienced and able to offer you a full range of lens options to enhance your vision. At Key-Whitman, our doctors offer you the best of both. We use only the most advanced equipment and techniques that are approved by the FDA, so you can feel confident about your procedure, no matter which option you choose. This is one reason we are able to offer advanced options like Light Adjustable Lenses as well as other high-tech lenses to decrease your dependency on glasses or contacts.

Cataracts are an inevitable part of getting older, but they don’t have to limit your active lifestyle. Over the years, thousands of patients have chosen our team of highly skilled surgeons for their cataract removal surgery. We are committed to bringing the most advanced technology and skills to improve your vision. Patients trust us not only for our cataract expertise, but also for the care they receive from our professional staff and doctors. We invite you to experience the ease and comfort of improving your vision at Key-Whitman. We are looking forward to treating your cataracts and taking care of all your eye health needs.

To learn more about our cataract surgeries and our Light Adjustable Lens option, call us today at (214) 225-2577 or contact us online.

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  • “The instantaneous results were astounding and the discomfort minimal. I look forward to the medical care I will now expect from your facility in the future. Thanks again for my vision improvement.”

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  • “Dr. Jeffrey Whitman’s skill in cataract surgery has allowed me to continue with my lifelong goal to climb the highest peaks in the World.”

    - Tedd
  • “When the quality of my diminishing eyesight began to interfere with the enjoyment of traveling, I knew it was time to see Key-Whitman. My husband had a wonderful experience with his cataract surgery. My first visit was wonderful also.”

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