The Award-Winning Surgeons Of The Key-Whitman Eye Center Offer No-or-low drop cost Advanced Lenses

Key-Whitman Eye Center is one of the first practices in the area to offer the advantage of No-or-Low Drop Laser Cataract surgery. This gives you the benefit of paying less for your post-surgical drops and reducing the hassle of remembering to put in multiple drops throughout the days following surgery. Find out more below.

Key-Whitman Eye Center is always looking for ways to make the experience more comfortable and easy for you. That’s why so many patients who research where to have their cataract surgery choose us, making our practice one of the leading eye care practices in North Texas. Our board-certified surgeons are specially trained in the use of the most advanced and proven surgical equipment as well as the most advanced technology lenses and techniques to restore vision.

We Offer the Latest Advances in Cataract Treatments

For more than 50 years, people like you have entrusted Key-Whitman with their cataract procedures. That’s how we became one of the leading eye care practices in North Texas. The surgeons at Key-Whitman are specially trained in the use of the most advanced and proven surgical equipment and techniques used today to restore vision. Now, we are excited to offer No-or-Low Drop Laser Cataract Surgery to our patients.

What is No-or-Low-Drop Cataract Surgery?

You may not be aware that eye drops are an important part of your treatment after your cataract surgery. While patients appreciate that drops are needed to prevent serious infections and to treat post-surgery inflammation, they were not pleased with the hassle and cost of drops at their pharmacy. That’s why Key-Whitman offers an equally safe alternative – No-or-Low Drop Cataract Surgery.

Depending on your vision care needs, your cataract surgeon may recommend instilling the medication during your cataract surgery so you get the protection needed throughout your healing process without your having to apply multiple drops multiple times a day. Some advanced technology lens patients will still require using drops but we have worked with a pharmacy to formulate the necessary drops into one which will reduce the cost and frequency of postoperative medication. This is part of our commitment to enhancing your experience at every point of your eye care.

What Are No-or-Low Drops Designed to do?

  • Eliminate or greatly reduce the need for eye drops
  • Decrease the stress on patients to remember to apply multiple drops throughout the day
  • Save money on the cost of prescription eye drops

It is important to note that for your safety and surgical results, our doctors may suggest additional medication at your follow-up visits if they see any signs of pressure rise or if they see any signs of inflammation.

High-Quality Laser Cataract Surgery and No-or-Low Drops After

You can be confident that when you choose Key-Whitman Eye Center, you’ll be cared for by surgeons who are among the best trained and knowledgeable in the country. Our team of eye doctors has performed thousands of procedures to help people improve their vision. Whether you are in need of cataract surgery or require treatment for glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic eye disease, you can be assured that Key-Whitman will provide high-quality care and offer you advances in treatment.

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