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Patient Testimonials

We would love to read and hear about your experiences at Key-Whitman Eye Center. Share your story with us!

Awesome. My new eyes are amazing!!!!!!

The whole staff was courteous, polite and answered all my questions. my new eyes are amazing!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you I have a new life

Unbelievable passion and expertise, with a family atmosphere and care that you will not find anywhere else!!!!!

I am 36 years old and was diagnosed by “another unnamed company” with cataracts in both eyes. My first experience with this company was pretty on par for what you would expect from the general magical profession. It was a hurried experience with little knowledge about care, where most of the time was spent on pushing a product, and payment plan. Then………. I walked into the Plano office of Key-Whitman. I spent about an hour with Amanda (due to my poor sight I couldn’t read her last name) who absolutely blew me away with her knowledge about cataracts and her passion for what she does every day with patients like me. She was articulate, kind, patient and her love for what she does every day was extremely apparent. I was shocked when I learned that she was as she put it “a tech”. Her attention to detail, and ability to articulate and connect with me about what I was experiencing with my eyesight set the bar incredible high from my previous experience. Should everyone else at Key- Whitman Plano be half as good as Amanda, then I have found a place I can trust to operate on my eyes. My experience only got better. As I made my way to Dr. ElHaffar, she laid out all of the diagnosis, and took a lot of time to explain every detail of what I was going through with my diagnosis, and all of the options for treatment that I had. I was blessed by her transparency and desire for me to know the positives and negatives of every option. She never tried to sell me on an idea, but gave me all of the facts about my conditions and all treatment options. I felt like I was speaking with a family member who loved and cared about me deeply. It was an amazing experience. Key- Whitman has attracted wonderful, passionate, experts who love what they do and connect with their patients. If you have any eye issues at all, you owe it to yourself to experience real care with this organization. You would be short sighted not to. Thank you so much to Amanda, Sadaf, and Kimberly. You have made me feel at peace about the next steps of correcting my vision. I am so thankful I made the choice to get a second opinion with you.

At ease and comfortable

I have been very pleased with the treatment I have gotten at Key-Whitman. I had never had such a thorough examination. The people have made me feel at ease and comfortable in all of the examinations. They give me verbal as well as written reports.

patient testimonial

My first visit was wonderful

When the quality of my diminishing eyesight began to interfere with the enjoyment of traveling, I knew it was time to see Key-Whitman. My husband had a wonderful experience with his cataract surgery. My first visit was wonderful also. Friendly, competent professionals at every turn. Now I can’t wait to get the surgeries all finished so the visual wonders of our travels with be full-color again!!

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I choose Key-Whitman!

I don’t even know where to begin, I’ve had to wear glasses since I was 6 years old. I am 28 years old and love sports, playing basketball and softball on a regular basis. Often times glasses get in the way, whether it’s the glare they create or getting knocked to the floor by accident. I have looked at LASIK for sometime but to be honest never had the guts to pursue it. Finally, I decided it was time after researching and then researching some more. I chose Key-Whitman to perform what I would consider a miracle. Dr. Hong and her staff were helpful, informative and made the experience one that relieved all my worries. I’m only a few days into my new vision and can not stop telling people how great I can see. Everything is so vibrant and detailed, I never truly had the pleasure of knowing what a beautiful world we live in. Thanks so much for all that you have done and for making it an experience worth sharing to everyone!

patient testimonial

What an enjoyable experience

In 2008 and approaching upon retiring from the U. Texas-Brownsville, and after a year or two of diminishing vision (glasses were not helping) a neighbor suggested I go see Drs. Moore and McMillin at the Valley Eye Surgery Center in Harlingen, TX. In short order I had cataract extraction with ocular lenses implanted. What was so wonderful was the doctors “balanced” my new lenses for near AND distance vision which in my case eliminated the need for corrective glasses – period! I was told during post-surgery follow-up that I would need a thorough check-up in about five years, which now is that time. I have been noticing some blurring and film-like distraction in my left eye resulting in frequent blinking which I wasn’t sure was right, so, again a neighbor recommended Key-Whitman. Yesterday I met with Dr. Hong and her staff and my-oh-my what an enjoyable experience. I learned that my lenses, vision in general, was good, and considering I am 72, that is very good news. I have always had a lot of apprehension and anxiety when it comes to anything dealing with my eyes…even to the point of not feeling well. Dr. Hong and her people were marvelously comforting and supportive as well as educational.

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20/20 Vision

I have worn glasses since I was 14 years old, and recently Dr. Barke of Key-Whitman in South Arlington, TX, performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes and now I have 20/20 vision in each one. However, I do have to wear reading glasses (bifocals) to see small print in magazines, newspaper, and etc. Another plus for cataract surgery is that I have noticed that the colors on my TV are more vivid than before the surgery and I am very pleased and satisfied with the results of the surgeries. I would like to acknowledge Alexandria, who is his assistant in the South Arlington office; she is quite qualified and is an extremely pleasant and informative person. All of the staff in Dr. Barke’s office are highly skilled professionals and make you feel very comfortable while you are there. I am very pleased with Key-Whitman.

Truly miraculous!

I don’t know how to express my thanks to you and your staff except to say how happy I am to see without glasses or contact lenses! My vision was so poor, I couldn’t see the big E on an eye test and was legally blind without correction, so again thanks to you and your wonderful staff. I has been 3 years since my eye surgery for nearsightedness and astigmatism. Since I am unfortunately or fortunate to be over 40, I sometimes need reading glasses and sometimes I don’t! God bless you and your wonderful staff for you expertise in helping people see without glasses. It is truly miraculous and I didn’t think it would ever happen to me!

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I would trust no one else with my eyes.

I am so grateful to Dr. Whitman. I started wearing glasses in the third grade. After cataract surgery, I have 20/20 vision. I only need reading glasses when my eyes are tired. It was a miracle how great that I could see after the surgery. I highly recommend Key-Whitman Eye Center. The staff are very attentive and professional. Thanks Key-Whitman. I always get seen right away and don’t spend much time waiting.

I enjoyed going to the doctor

I believe that if one has the right to complain about poor conditions – one has the obligation to complement excellent service. My recent experience in your clinic could not have been better. From the time I checked-in until I waved good bye I was well taken care of and felt like I had made some friends. I was in the expert hands of Barbara, who gave me information that no other nurse or doctor has given. Dr. Colrich was excellent as well and very thorough. They explained every detail of the upcoming cataract procedure to me and took time to answer my questions completely. Patty Garza was very efficient in scheduling my operation and making sure I understood the step that needed to be taken to make the surgery go smoothly. She even promised me a Filet Mignon steak and baked potato for lunch (my surgery is scheduled for 11:30 though the lunch hour). I can recommend your clinic to anyone because you have assembled a great team!!! This is the first time that I enjoyed going to a doctor.


I have always had bad vision, but, now I can see and I consider this a miracle and a blessing. I thank God and Dr. Whitman. Also, everyone were so caring and professional. I cannot thank all of you enough. I am so grateful and HAPPY!

I no longer need prescription glasses!

The surgeries were performed with efficiency and professionalism. I was glad they provided transportation to the surgery center since it is downtown! I no longer need prescription glasses which is a good thing and a bad thing! I bought glasses at the drug store to have a pair in each room…somehow, however, they all end up in the same room! Even at 76 I had no problems either during or after surgery. Pretty soon I was back to my usual routine.

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I love my new eyes!!

Dr. Warren performed cataract surgery this summer. She put in Crystalens I love being able to see without glasses. I can read my books and see my golf ball. Colors are so much brighter. It was a great experience. The staff was excellent. Every thing was explained clearly and the process went so smoothly. I love my new eyes!!


100% Professional. Could not have been more impressed.I would never consider using anyone else. Awesome !!!! And honest which is so hard to find these days.

So much better!

I had to write you to thank you for giving me a new lease on life! I am 75 years old, a piano teacher, church pianist for over 60 years and organist for funerals, weddings, etc. Because of cataracts, I felt it was time to retire from all this because of poor vision which made it so difficult to practice, being able to read music so well. You did my surgery on my right eye July 11. Crystalens seemed the right choice, so you implanted that eye. That was a Wednesday – I played for church worship the following Sunday – Seeing better than I had in a long time. The other eye was done this week on the 25th and I have practiced piano every day since. I will play for church again tomorrow, thanking God for a wonderful, dedicated doctor who along with our father has allowed my eyesight to be what it was many years ago. I thank you with all my heart for the happiness I am experiencing being able to already see so much better! I feel the best is yet to come!

patient testimonial

Hats off to Key-Whitman!

Three years ago, I had the rezoom and restor procedure done. I think I was one of the first ones on which this dual procedure was done. It made such a transformation in my life. Before, I had to put on my glasses as soon as I got out of bed in the morning! I do a lot of close craft work – sewing included. Even with my glasses, I had trouble threading a needle. Almost immediately, I was able to thread a needle without any help! Just not having to wear glasses was amazing! The freedom it gave me was awesome! I would highly recommend this life-changing procedure to anyone who wants the freedom from glasses and so much better sight than you have now with glasses! Hats off to Key-Whitman!

I no longer need reading glasses!

I began wearing glasses in the second grade. In law school I began contacts. I was diagnosed with cataracts around age 62 and noticed decreased visual acuity and inability to differentiate dark colors. I was uncomfortable wearing sunglasses even on bright, sunny days. With my crystal lens my vision went from 20/200 and 20/400 to 20/20 in both eyes and I no longer need reading glasses unless in very dim light!

One down and one to go.

Thanks to Dr. Whitman for the surgical work that placed vision in an eye – which I really could not see out of. Also, Thanks to all the staff, presiding technicians, Dr. Warren, Dr. Haq, Dr. Hoelscher, and the care team in Plano. I have had serious near-sightedness since about the age of 8. I have utilized some sort of corrective vision aid for 50+ years. Last week (even in recovery) I am utilizing a right eye that functions incredibly well and am incredibly anxious to get left eye done in 10 days. The planning with the pre-surgery physicians has me on target to use my vision without a lot of correction. I AM EXCITED… can you tell! THANKS AGAIN!

The Best Exam

Although I had to wait about 30 minutes after my scheduled appoint to be seen, James was excellent and made up for it. He was very thorough, explained everything and why we were doing it. I have been a patient for 7-8 years and this was the best exam I have had. I also liked that I could opt not to have my eyes dilated and have a picture taken instead. It meant that I could carry on with my day with no after affects.

Key-Whitman is so very organized.

Key-Whitman gets me into my appointment in a very short time. It is wonderful not to have to sit for an extra hour just to get started. Thanks so much for this good service and for everyone being so friendly and helpful.

Thank you Key-Whitman

I wanted to send you a note on how much I appreciated your efforts in regard to my recent LASIK eye procedure. My surgery was performed in mid-February and as soon as I left the operating room and rested a bit before going home, I could tell that my vision was markedly improved. Since then, my correction is 20/15 in both eyes, as it really hasn’t changed much for the past 2 months. Please give my thanks and regards to your entire staff. Is must be a pleasure for them to work in the environment where their patients all seem to be happy. This is obviously the case with everyone I encountered in your office seeming to be having a very good day. Thanks again for your courtesy, skill, and efforts. I appreciate them very much and my wife, Kathy, will be in to schedule with you sometime this fall.

patient testimonial

Forefront of technology.

Dr.Warren, everyone, including the staff is always very courteous, professional, and willing to answer any questions I may have. They are at the forefront of technology concerning not only medical, but also with office and business operations.

100% Pleased

I was extremely pleased with the cataract surgeries I had on my eyes. The physician was very careful to explain what would be done and the expected aftermath. The staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Visits were pleasant and the process well defined and efficient. I am 100% pleased with the results.

Wonderful service.

I feel very happy to get an excellent and very high quality eye-care professional service for my cataract operation of my both eyes. The doctors and also other people – nurses and taxi-driver – Larry – are very extremely nice and wonderful in their service. I tell and encourage my friends and relatives to go to this Key-Whitman Eye Center for their eye-care service.

Well-tuned and timed operation.

I was not sure what to expect when I made my initial appointment but my experience from check-in, to having all of the testing done,to meeting with Dr. Warren, and then checking out…it was nothing but a 100% positive experience! Feel like I could not be placing my eyes in better hands and am looking forward to final results! All associates were so pleasant and positive to interact with. Well-tuned and timed operation even if I have to have surgery to remove my cataracts!

Love The Staff!

It has been 3 years since my surgery and all I can say is I should have done it sooner! I love the staff and the flexibility to use other locations for my follow-up visits!

Life changing surgery!

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you so much for the wonderful, life changing surgery. I had Intra-LASIK performed this past Friday, and it is by far the greatest thing I have ever experienced in all my 34 years! I have been nearsighted (-7.00) in both eyes for almost 20 years. I had pretty much come to the conclusion that I was going to be stuck in contacts and glasses my entire life, until about 10 or 12 years ago when LASIK was first introduced. Being the stubborn and very skeptical person that I am, I wanted to do my homework first before having the procedure performed. I actually had several friends that had the old, blade style LASIK procedure performed 10 years ago, and all are still seeing 20/20 or greater with little to no side effects. I then went to seminars for several different LASIK surgeons, to understand the complete process, cost, and possible side effects. After speaking with many people who had this remarkable surgery performed, I decided on Key Whitman. I cannot speak more highly of the Key Whitman team. All the staff is friendly and courteous. The offices are clean and professional, and most importantly, you don’t feel like you are in a “cattle call” like some places, (in and out). The technology they use is absolutely amazing. I worked for a company about 8 years ago that used similar lasers to machine micro-electronic components, so it just thrills me to see this technology put to use in the medical field. As far as my actual surgery, it was great. There is literally no pain or discomfort! They had removed my glasses so they could begin putting the numbing drops in my eyes, being -7.00 nearsighted, the nurse literally had to guide me into the operating room. 5 -10 minutes later, I walked out, able to see on my own!!! I went home, slept for 4 to 5 hours, and actually watched a little TV that evening. The next morning, I drove myself to my follow-up appointment. I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes!!! I also had a slight astigmatism in my left eye, which I was’t aware of until the pre-op exam. They corrected this as well! Simply amazing. This is now the fourth day following the procedure and my eyes are great. I have noticed an even further, slight sharpening of my vision. I went walking in the park by my home yesterday, I could not believe how vivid and clear all the trees and plants looked! If anyone out there is thinking about having LASIK performed, I would highly recommend Key Whitman. I have traveled all over the world, and experienced many amazing things in my life, but this is by far the most extraordinary thing I have ever experienced. Being able to see clearly without contacts or glasses, after a 10 minute procedure! Thank you so much to everyone at Key Whitman.

You Are The Best!

Thank you so much for the fantastic experience. I can hardly believe what you can do in one short visit. I have been near sited forever but didn’t realize just how much the cataracts had taken away from my vision. I am totally amazed for sure. Today is the first day back to work at TWU and the computer in the Master’s Nursing Program. Wow what a difference it makes in my work. I may go plum wild here being able to see with all this distinction. My right eye out shined the left eye until it really doesn’t feel like it is necessary but I am telling it. That’s OK you will get your turn soon. Thanks again. Love you for all your fantastic work and all the people you are helping see so much better. I may have a black eye but this way I will be able to spread the word of your great services. I know the students here at Texas Woman’s University College of Nursing will have a few questions about my eye. DON’T WORRY YOU ARE THE BEST.

10 Out Of 10!

I will rate my experience 10 out of a possible 10! This is the highest rating that I can give Key-Whitman, especially Dr. Warren – she is great!

I cannot imagine a better experience.

After wearing hard contacts for 45 years and gas permeable lenses for 6 years I was experiencing some significant problems with my eyesight. I elected to be evaluated by Dr. Kimberly Warren after several physician friends had recommended her. Dr. Warren advised me upon completion of my evaluation, I had bilateral cataracts but would require some frequent measurements to determine which IOL would be most appropriate to correct my astigmatism. My journey began in December 2011 and after multiple visits measuring my true readings, Dr. Warren advised the Toric lenses were the choice to allow me the very best vision to correct my astigmatism. My first surgery was performed in May. I cannot imagine a better experience for a patient who had been totally dependent on contact lenses for 51+ years! My husband will be having his cataract surgeries next month and will have the Crystalens IOL implanted. I am so excited for him to be able to see as well as I do. He did not wear glasses from the age of 6 as I did, but I know he will see better than he ever has before! The patience of the staff at the Plano office is so refreshing. After multiple visits, we joked about my working there as I was a frequent sight in the hall! Please ask Dr. Warren about our loyalty to your practice. We could not ask for a better health care team.

I tossed my glasses!

As an author I write for hours almost every day. My cataract surgery went smoothly, I tossed my eyeglasses & I’m doing better than I ever did. Thanks to Dr. Whitman.

Outstanding service!

Yesterday was an exceptional day for me at Key-Whitman! I waited less than 5 minutes for my appointment, the pressure test was done and showed a great improvement, saw the doctor and then set up my follow-up appointment and was on the road in quick time!

patient testimonial

Thanks Key-Whitman!

It’s been 3 years since I had LASIK and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Every day I’m reminded how great it feels to open my eyes and see well.


I have had annual eye exams at Key-Whitman in Plano for the past four years after having had cataract surgery by Dr. Kimberly Warren. The surgery by Dr. Warren was highly successful as I now have 20/20 vision and no complications or adverse effects since the surgery.


I no longer need my glasses to watch tv. Also, I was able to get the restriction removed from my drivers license that said that I had to wear glasses when I drive. My experience with Key-Whitman has been great.

They care about you.

This is the most wonderful experience I have ever had. The staff is so kind,and friendly. They sincerely care about you as a person. They are so very helpful, answering any question that you might have. I love each and everyone of them. Always having a smile, I cannot say enough, Dr. Whitman is wonderful. He makes you feel relaxed. I will recommend them to anyone. GREAT, G-R-E-A-T.

Thank you for my eyesight!

Thank you for my eyesight!! My LASIK surgery has totally changed my life and given me a freedom I haven’t had since I started wearing glasses at ten years of age. I had no pain and I continue to be just as amazed now as I was the day after surgery. April 8, 1999 will be a day in my life I will never forget.

Excellent work!

Thank you for the excellent work you have done on my eyes. The clarity and vibrancy of colors are amazing. P.S. By the way, you have an excellent staff!

What a staff!

What a staff! Michelle, Samantha, Dorcy, and Melvin, redefine customer service. Professional, friendly, and fast. I’ll recommend the Plano location to anyone who asks.

patient testimonial

Thank you so much!

I was thrilled with the experience I had at Key-Whitman Eye Center. The staff all remembered me and went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable. They went out of their way to completely inform me of what is going on with me. As a diabetic with multiple health problems, their kind manner meant the world to me. Thank you so much!

I will send anyone I know to them!

I had been stuck in Hwy. 75 traffic and the clinic was very nice to work with my delay. I am VERY pleased with the VERY intense exam I received. They discovered problems other then my cataracts, which is the reason for the appointment. The problems that were discovered could have caused future blindness. I had been to another eye doctor less then a month ago and NEVER found anything but a cataract. I am EXTREMLY glad I came to Key-Whitman. I will send anyone I know to them!


Sorry I have not stopped by to meet you in person yet. I wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a wonderful staff you have at Key-Whitman Eye Center. I had my second eye implant on Thursday, and I love the results! I have told everyone in every department I have come in contact with what an EXCELLENT, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional group you are. I could not be happier!!

Every Visit Has Been A Joy.

The cataracts came on so gradually I didn’t even notice until I was really having trouble seeing. After my operations I can drive again without glasses, and the colors are wonderful. Much to my surprise the operations were painless. I have to note that ev

I Am Your Biggest Fan!

My experience with the Key-Whitman Eye Center has been remarkable! It had been a long time goal of mine to get LASIK. Year after year I promised myself the gift of sight only to put it off due to not understanding the procedure and being unsure. This past Christmas 2012, I did it. It was such a smooth process. The Plano Key-Whitman staff made it their mission to see that I understood everything that was going to happen and that I was ready. I was so thankful to be put through extensive eye exams that are required prior to surgery. Dr. Haq performed my LASIK surgery and he was wonderful. He guided me through every step during the procedure that morning and was such a positive force. Thank you Dr. Haq and Key-Whitman Eye Center. I am now your biggest fan!


Key-Whitman has a great office and surgery center, All of the office staff made me feel at ease, and answered all my questions. After my surgery was completed the motto they have Key Whitman Changes Live is a fact.


From the receptionists through the exams the courtesy and concern is exceptional. Everyone I have had contact with has shown the highest level of professionalism. The cataract procedure gave me a new outlook in only having to use glasses whereas I had worn them all my since the 7th grade. A very special thank you to Dr. Warren for her special care.

patient testimonial

Very pleased!

As usual I had a nice appointment experience! The associates are always so pleasant, informative, and professional. Very pleased with Dr. Warren and Key-Whitman. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself at 70 years “young” not having to wear glasses!

Thank you Key-Whitman

Just wanted to drop you a note. The surgery went fantastic. 20/20 the very next day, no halos, no night glare, etc. And Valium is wonderful!!!! I have sent you two referrals already!

I Would Recommend!

My local eye doctor discovered that I have diabetic macular edema and said I needed to see a retina specialist. I sent an email question to Key Whitman and they called me to discuss my question. I found out that I could get all my procedures done with them and also found out that they are exceptionally good at what they do. My fears of going blind have been alleviated with their care. I would recommend Key Whitman to anyone who has problems with their sight.

patient testimonial

It was life changing!

Twenty years ago, I received radial keratotomy from Key-Whitman. It was great and life changing. Most recently, I received crystal lens from Dr. Whitman and their great team. You can have crystal lens even though you had R/K years ago. Keeps me seeing 20/20. You have been wonderful.

People were great.

I had Cataract surgery yesterday. People were great. Katie, patient counselor, young lady that held my hand during the procedure, Jody and Amanda….all really cool. They all deserve a BIG, HUGE raise.

Just wonderful!

This is Iris, Charles Minter’s daughter…I want to thank all of you from the start to the present for the wonderful service we have received and the kindness, promptness, professional manner and caring attitude toward me and my dad during his procedures. Your entire organization from the phone center to the actual doctors is just wonderful.

Quick, painless and professional!

I had my cataract surgery just over a year ago, and had my one-year follow up yesterday. My eyes and vision are still great and I continue to only need readers for close up work. The freedom that Dr. Barke and the staff at Key-Whitman have given me is wonderful. No glasses needed, after wearing them everyday for over 52 years. The entire process, from the initial exam to the follow up, have been quick, painless and professional.

I can’t believe how clear everything is!

I was so scared. I am the biggest baby when it come to my eyes. But the people at Key-Whitman made it so easy! I was afraid it was going to hurt, but I didn’t feel a thing. I am so happy I had it done, I can see so clearly now – better then when I was young. I always wore glasses when I was young and now I have 20/30 vision. I can’t believe how clear and colorful everything is, I am so amazed! I want to thank Dr. Whitman and his staff!

They make my visit so easy!

About 8 years ago, I went to Key Whitman because of cataracts in both eyes. Dr. Amy Hong did cataract removal and new lens placement and now I have super sonic vision! Now I stay with Key Whitman for my vision needs because of the wonderful staff.


I was very happy with the care and honesty of the person that helped me. I would be happy to refer anyone to visit Key-Whitman.

Thanks Key-Whitman.

I was very impressed at the very start how friendly everyone was. What I like was that as a patient how quickly I was moved from one process to another. This was the most thorough testing I ever experienced. I can trust my eyes with Key-Whitman.

patient testimonial

Key-Whitman changed my life!

On March 29th, 2010 I had LASIK eye surgery, and it’s true, Dr. Whitman changes lives, and with the help of his competent staff there at Key-Whitman Eye Center he changed my life too! As a professional Air Traffic Controller with 28 years of experience working in the Marine Corps, and now as a civilian Air Traffic Control Specialist with the Department of Defense for the last 4 years after having retired from the military, having LASIK was not a decision I made lightly. Instead it was one that I researched and debated on since the mid 1990’s when everyone in my family was having it done. However, at the time, I was either out of the area, living and working overseas or deployed in support of combat ops abroad. Another factor was the fact, that as an Air Traffic Controller my vision was my job, and while it was corrected 20/20 it still allowed me to do my job, and I was very hesitant about risking further complications or loss of 20/20 vision. After having the surgery last week, the only thing I keep going over in my mind is why I waited so long to have this wonderful procedure done. After 36 years of wearing glasses and/or contacts, I am now free of any and all corrective lenses. If anyone reading this is wondering whether or not corrective eye surgery is for them, I strongly encourage you to contact the wonderful professionals at Key-Whitman and see what they can do for you. Finally, with all the various doctors and eye centers out there doing corrective eye surgery, I strongly encourage everyone to do their research on not just the procedures, but on the doctors, staff, and eye center you are considering. I know I did! The biggest factor for me, was the fact that over the last 16 years 9 of my family members and in-laws have had eye surgery performed by the Key-Whitman Eye Center, and each one of them have referred at least 1 other to Key-Whitman for their life changing procedures, and it was assuring to know that every one of them have been happy with their procedures and had nothing but good things to say about everyone there at Key-Whitman. It only matched up to all the other testimonials I had been reading and hearing about from local celebrities there in the DFW area. If you live in the DFW area there is no reason to go to anyone else, and in my case, I could have had corrective eye surgery anywhere, but instead I drove in from Melbourne, Florida just to have Key-Whitman Eye Center perform my procedure, and 4 days later I drove myself back amazed at all I was seeing as if for the first time! Thanks again to everyone there at Key-Whitman, you are all amazing!


I was extremely near-sighted and wore contact lenses for over 17 years. Due to my extended use of contact lenses combined with dry eyes, I was advised by several ophthalmologists that my eyes were not getting enough oxygen, and I was in danger of permanently losing my sight if I did not stop wearing contacts. Glasses were an alternative; however, I did not have any periphery vision in glasses because my overall vision was so poor. After much research, I decided to contact Dr. Whitman’s office to see if I was a candidate for LASIK. Dr. Whitman confirmed the previous diagnoses regarding the damage my contact lenses had caused, but gave me the good news that I was a candidate for LASIK. From the first day after the surgery, I was amazed to find that I could actually read the label on the shampoo bottle in the shower! It’s been 10 years since the surgery, and I still have 20/20 vision. I no longer worry about misplacing my glasses or losing a contact lens when traveling or skiing or boating swimming or… You get the idea!

Completely Satisfied.

Dr. Alfred Humphrey is the best cataract surgeon in the metroplex.


I truelly enjoyed the time and care that Angela, Alexandra and Dr. Faber gave me. This is an amazing group of people that really care about their patients. Their expertise in answering any questions or concerns are awesome. This office has a very friendly atmosphere and greet their patients as if you’ve known them for some time. Definitely will recommend to all my friends and family.

Going to Key-Whitman was the best thing I’ve done for my vision.

They were so kind and answered all my questions, even if they were silly ones. When I was scared, they calmed me and reassured me that everything would be alright. The staff was so kind. after the cataracts in both eyes were done, I felt like a new woman. No more glasses…YEA! I would recommend them to everyone and I did to my husband…thanks!

They really care.

My vision is so much better since my cataract surgery. I know it will be even better after the laser surgery to remove the haze. All of the staff at Key-Whitman are very professional yet friendly and let you know they really care about their patients.

Keep Up The Great Work!

My sister came to you for cataract surgery and she was so pleased with the service that she recommended me. I am now a very pleased recipient of your services also. I have a close friend who had different insurance and had to chose someone else for his surgery. Where my sister and I both had no problems, he has struggled with several issues that are currently unresolved, with another company. He has major bills both to the Dr. and to the hospital, which he is still paying monthly. We are so grateful for Key-Whitman and the service you provide. May God richly bless each and every one of you in the coming year. Keep up the great work!!!

I would recommend Key-Whitman to anyone needing eye procedures!

Experience with Key-Whitman was excellent! Their staff is polite and courteous but most importantly extremely professional! I never had to wait past my appointment time, in fact I was called back early! Surgery and recovery information and instructions was explained to me slowly, carefully and completely. So no confusion on what to do next and when. I would recommend Key-Whitman to anyone needing eye procedures!

patient testimonial

Thank you Key-Whitman!

I had crystalens three years ago and just yesterday I had touch-up LASIK. The staff and Dr. Whitman have been very good answering all my questions before and after both procedures. I recommend Key-Whitman to my family and friends. In fact, Dr. Whitman performed LASIK on my daughter several years ago and her vision is still 20/20!

patient testimonial

Thanks for caring…

Throughout the years I have been coming to you all has been such a great experience. My vision has gotten much better during my biking, weddings and personnel. Thanks so much for keeping my vision intact.

More than I expected.

Dr. Haq did not just do his normal routine for crystal lens surgery. He really listened to me at time of surgery when I was so concerned with the second eye surgery because I was not seeing as well with the first eye surgery as I had expected. HE HEARD!!!!!! He adjusted his procedure to customize my individual case. He is so talented and cares about his patients. I could not be more impressed. My eyesight is MORE than I even expected. All because of his care!!!!!!!!!

patient testimonial

Changed my life!

After having my vision corrected two years ago, I am still seeing 20/20. It was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. Although it’s not something I think about all the time, because it feels so natural to never worry about glasses and contacts again. Long gone are the days of the hassle of taking out your contacts in the evening or having the irritation, redness and fuzzy eyesight. LASIK changed all of that for me. Now, I can go to the movies without having to wear my glasses because half way through the movies my eyes would be burning from my contacts. I can watch a movie in bed and fall asleep without smashing my glasses and possibly breaking them. Plus, the summer time is great, because I can wear sunglasses all the time and not worry about losing a contact in the water. Thanks Key-Whitman for changing my eye sight and life.

Far exceeded my expectations!

Now I know why Jeffery Whitman has such a sterling reputation! Were it not for the fact that he was working on my eyes I could have slept through the procedure. Every facet of my surgery, from beginning to the very end, far exceeded my expectations and their prognosis. From the first visit when I was diagnosed with cataracts and surgery was recommended I was initially advised that my sight would probably not exceed 20-50. However after the first eye was completed I was up to 20-20 and on completion of both eyes I now have 20-20 in my left eye and 20-25 in my right eye. Wow! What a team! Everyone (and I do mean everyone) from the initial visit with the receptionist, Lorena, to Doctor Whitman were deluxe! I could not be happier with the outcome and I sincerely offer my deepest thanks. Thank you “Key-Whitman”!

Very friendly.

I have been visiting Key-Whitman for several years now. Everyone has always been very friendly. In every visit they make sure that I am comfortable and happy with my visit. I am very pleased with Key-Whitman in every aspect.

Even a better experience than I expected.

Staff is superb, Dr. Humphrey and Dr. Barke a credit to their professions. I’ve been wearing glasses since the 2nd grade and to be able to wake up and “see” and drive without glasses is amazing. I even loving being able to pick out cute inexpensive non-prescription sunglasses and “fashionable” readers for the first time. Thank you for doing your job so well.

Doing great!

I had implants one year ago for cataracts. The staff and Dr. Hong were great. Just had my one year check up. Need some glasses for computer work, other than that doing great!!

World Class Care and Service

Today was my first visit with Dr. Faber and Tech Kelly McDonell. I have been looking for a great Optometrist for a couple of years, after settling for subpar exams in the past. Kelly was absolutely wonderful. She explained everything that she was doing and the reason for the test. She is very personable and great. It was a great way to start my morning. Then I met Dr. Faber. He explained to me what could O.D.’s could not explain for year, and now I will be able to see with ease, and not worry that there is a serious underlying issue. He quickly identified my issue and explain and showed me examples of what was happening with my eyes. His bedside manner is impressive. I wanted to give him a hug after my exam, as he was professional, gentle, kind, and caring about my situation. I felt that I was his only priority at the time. Thank you to the office staff and team, as they were also wonderful, and quickly greeting me with a smile upon my arrival and made checking in a pain free process. Please keep up the great work. I will definitely refer others to your office. This was truly World Class Care and Service today. Take care.

Great Experience!

This was an absolutely great experience. I have been coming to this office for over 20 years. I recently moved my father of 88 years of age here. His first time appointment was before mine. He was so comfortable and content with the level of professionalism and care he was given. He was apprehensive coming to a new doctor (after moving here from Pittsburgh) but was very impressed with the testing, information, and the Doctor. I was so happy when he said, “that is a fine group.” The staff (Mark) was great and they all just seemed to get along so well together like a finely tuned machine! It told me that this is the type of office that I wanted for my father. His wellbeing is the most important issue to me. Thank you, team!

Thank you very much for a job well done.

At 79 years old I reached a point where I could hit my golf ball further than I could see. After cataract surgery I can see my own golf ball as far as I can hit it, as well as help my fellow players keep up with their ball. I no longer need $500 or more glasses, but now I buy 3-pair for $20 for reading only. Dr. Warren and the entire Key-Whitman staff were very professional in insuring that my surgery was successful from first examination through post-op check-up. Thank you.

Dr. Warren was thorough and friendly.

I have been pleased with the friendly personnel at Key-Whitman, and am especially gratified that Dr. Kimberly Warren has taken special care to help with my dry eyes problem. She truly listens to me and makes every effort to address my concerns.

patient testimonial

Thank you Key-Whitman.

This has been a life changer. I can see better than ever and have been able to enjoy life to the fullest without glasses or the hassle of contacts any more. Every day work, being active, sporting events, and even seeing Billy Joel in concert! Thanks for changing my life for the better.

A good foundation will produce a great staff!

My experience was with Jennifer…she was the one who handled my pre-op registration. Jennifer made the process very enjoyable. She is warm & caring to the patients & this really made such a difference to me. This also separates many of the others who are just competing for our “business”. I left there with complete understanding of what to expect & what to watch for with both the cataract process as well as the healing time. Her knowledge & eagerness to help me in any way was so comforting. This is the first time that I will be having cataract surgery & I have been a bit uneasy about it all. However, after visiting with Jennifer, I was educated & informed regarding all concerns that I had. Jennifer is a wonderful asset to Key-Whitman & I just love her. Of course Dr. Warren is the reason that I chose to go with Key-Whitman in the first place. But then a good foundation will produce a great staff. Dr. Warren is incredible!!

Nothing But Praise

Norma and I have had nothing but PRAISE for the services we receive each time we enter the Key-Whitman Eye Center. From the time we had our surgery and throughout the many times thereafter we believe there could not be a more perfect eye service than KEY-WHITMAN, and we are always passing that information to whomever is interested about our trips to the eye center.

Above and Beyond Expectations

I recently experienced service that was really above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. I broke my glasses right down the middle late one afternoon. I didn’t have a spare pair of glasses or contacts to use. The contact lady at the Coit location made sure I was taken care of so I could see again that day! It is so nice to feel like somebody understands what you are going through and helps you handle the situation quickly. This is one of many reason why I continue to return to this office and their delightful staff.

Truly A Miracle

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how happy I am with my LASIK surgery. It has been 3 weeks since the surgery and I feel like a new person. I started wearing contacts when I was 18 (in the 60’s). I was very active riding horses, and dirt bike motorcycles. I continued wearing them until 1997 when my eyes became so dry I could not tolerate them any longer. Even being very nearsighted, I then required help reading. They drove me crazy. I was constantly trying to find the correct focus, especially when working on my computer 8 hours a day. I used to look out the window in the morning and wonder what it was like to see beyond the front porch. Finally, when I felt this procedure was perfected, I went for it. And sure enough, I know what it feels like to wake up in the morning and see the rabbits playing in the pasture. It is truly a miracle. The mono vision has worked perfectly and allowed me to read without reading glasses. I feel like a teenager again, only better, because I couldn’t see 2 feet in front of me when I was a teenager! After researching and discussing with other friends and their experiences with another doctor, I chose Key-Whitman and am so glad I did. All of your associates are so very accommodating to the patient, and make them feel so “at home” that it makes the decision to have the surgery fear free. And as for you, Dr. Whitman, you made me feel so comfortable by assuring me you would not hurt my eyes, that I felt totally comfortable during the entire procedure. I tell everyone of my “no-fear, no-pain” experience. Again, thank you so very much for all you have done to make my life beautiful.

Life Changing

I’ve worn glasses since I was 13 years old. After cataract surgery and corrective surgery for astigmatism by Dr. Warren, I no longer need glasses, except to read. This was truly a life changing experience for me.


That is all that needs to be said about Key-Whitman. Excellent staff, doctors, nurses, you name it and it was just an over-all FANTASTIC experience. Thank you sooooo much Key-Whitman and ALL your employees!!! Thank you.

Very Nice Appointment

Was seen at a short time upon arrival. Moved along very promptly and all the techs were very nice and explained what the procedure was. Very nice appointment.

It’s like a miracle!

I needed cataract surgery & chose Restor lenses. For the first time in my entire life I can see clearly without glasses or contacts. I can read, use my computer, drive – I can even thread a needle! It’s like a miracle.

Thank you Key-Whitman

I just wanted to thank everyone that was apart of my surgery and to say that I have never seen such a clear day thanks to you guys. The surgery was very professional and was a great experience. Words cannot express the gratitude I have and am so happy with my new vision. Thanks again for everything you all have done for me.

I highly recommending Key-Whitman for all eye care needs.

Dr Barke has taken wonderful care of my eyes and is very compassionate regardless of the age of his patients. He corrected my daughters eye problems with extreme care. I am have to have regular check ups for the rest of my life and am absolutely confident in him and his wonderful staff. The latest and best equipment being used is an added bonus. The girls are wonderful, friendly and always greet you with a smile and are very professional.

Everyone is highly professional and knowledgeable.

From the moment you step off the elevator at Key-Whitman, you feel the warmth and caring of everyone on the staff. We’re all uptight going to any doctor, but our fears are alleviated pronto. After a short wait, the staff person takes you under his or her wing, answers questions, makes you feel comfortable and before you know it, you’re enroute home. Everyone is highly professional and knowledgeable. I look forward to the experience.

They really care.

My vision is so much better since my cataract surgery. I know it will be even better after the laser surgery to remove the haze. All of the staff at Key-Whitman are very professional yet friendly and let you know they really care about their patients.

Great Teamwork!

I was very overwhelmed by the sophisticated technology of the LASIK Eye Surgery that was performed on my left eye by Dr. Amy Hong. It was a science-fiction very futuristic experience for me. Great teamwork, coordination, precision and execution to perfection.

Easy & Painless

I had the Crystalens procedure on my second eye on 12/12, & now have two “good eyes”working together. Both continue to improve daily. I look forward to throwing my reading glasses away. I have changed from 3.0 to 1.5 readers already. I took the vision test to renew my drivers’ license. Passed with flying colors. My night driving vision is greatly improved. Both procedures were easy & painless “non-events.”

I recommend Key-Whitman.

My experience with Key-Whitman is surprisingly wonderful. The staffs are helpful, professional and knowledgeable. If somebody has any problem with their eyes, I will definitely recommend Key-Whitman Eye Center.

Very Efficient!

Upon exiting the elevator at the 4th floor, the most notable features of the KW office are nice décor, the comfortable setting, photos of the doctors, and welcoming smiles on the very busy technicians and office personnel. Bridgette Barton is just amazing to be around. (I had just met her, but she made me feel like we had known each other for a long time! She is a treasure!) After the numerous exams, paperwork, etc., I met with Dr. Colerick. He and Jason, his assistant were very professional, welcoming, and informative. What a great office you all have! Runs very efficiently…you are have everything under control! Keep up the great job making your clients feel they are in great hands.

patient testimonial

Thank you Key-Whitman!

Let me add my voice to the chorus of “Thank You Key-Whitman”. My cataract surgery Wed. was a very comfortable, and the staff in the surgery center were very comforting. I am so proud to work for such an excellent practice. I remember Nikki’s remarks after she was inpatient in another facility, and she will be happy to note our surgery center functioned so well while she was gone. It was also very comforting to me that during my surgery I could hear Dr. Whitman humming. Like what a piece of cake, even tho I knew of his expertise, I was still nervous. Dr. Key told me many years ago that Dr. Whitman was a better surgeon than he was. Blasphemy, I thought, but our staff who worked with both of them concurred. THANK YOU ALL for the care and attention you gave me and all our patients.

Forever Grateful

After a year of inactivity (sewing, crosstitching, compiling a cookbook, driving, etc.) after surgery I was once again able to see to do the things I love. I had the most wonderful moment when they took off my bandage – I could see again! I can do anything I want to now and I am forever grateful to the wonderful doctors and staff members.

Very professional.

I have found the experience a Key-Whitman to be as professional as any medical experience I have had. The people are very professional and seem to truly enjoy their work. The surgical experience was also very professional. I highly recommend them for eye care needs for both analysis and surgical.

The whole team is awesome!!!!

Always a pleasant experience for my appointments. The new system with the badges, really sped up the wait time. And the wait for my eyes to dilate was quicker. The staff, as always is very friendly, helpful and professional. Absolutely love Dr. Barke. He always takes time to answer questions, and to explain everything that he does and is beneficial to patient welfare. The whole team is awesome!!!!

We Truly Feel We Were In Good Hands!

I chose to have Key-Whitman evaluate my status regarding probable cataract surgery following two retinal surgeries this year that have stimulated cataract growth. Dr. Whitman had performed RK procedures some years ago on both my wife and myself and the courtesy and professionalism of all staff made the current choice an easy one. This current evaluation was extremely thorough and carefully keyboarded, not rushed. Both the vision exam and the doctor’s cataract, cornea and eyeball measurements were thorough. Though the doctor’s explanation of his findings was hurried (that is, speaking very fast), it was made clear that the cataracts on both eyes had developed to the point they needed to be removed. He also laid out what the next steps would be and a general view of the restricted number of lens implant types available for my situation. We truly feel we were/are in good hands of knowledgeable professionals and are ready to move ahead with these procedures.

The best gift.

I would like to thank you for the best gift that I can imagine. No more eyeglasses or contact lenses. I actually drove myself, the morning after surgery, down Central Expressway to work. Since my surgery, it has been a wonderful daily experience to wake-up and see clearly. As a fellow physician, I am continuously impressed with the state-of-the-art care we are able to give our patients. It has been extremely nice to be on the receiving end as your patient.

A miracle!

Thank you all very much for helping me to see as I have never seen before. This is truly a miracle in my life. Now I can see my children and grandchildren.

I had a wonderful experience . every one is so nice I love Dr. Humphrey!

I had a wonderful experience . every one is so nice I love Dr. Humphrey!

Instantaneous results!

I wanted to thank Dr. Whitman and his staff for the thorough, informative and professional manner in which my LASIK experience was conducted. Formerly quite nearsighted, my vision is now 20/20 or better with no adverse effects on my reading vision to date. The instantaneous results were astounding and the discomfort minimal. I look forward to the medical care I will now expect from your facility in the future. Thanks again for my vision improvement.

You’ll be more mesmerized by your new bionic eye-sacks than you were reading my sweet review.

First, let me state that I’ve hit the lottery three times in my life. Let me explain: 1. I was born an American 2. My parents moved us to Texas 3. I

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