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Crystalens Dallas: An Overview

If you have explored your options for lens implants, and decided on the Crystalens, Dallas has an experienced surgeon to meet your needs. Laser eye surgery is becoming commonplace, with people increasingly having vision correction or lens implants to keep their eyes functioning as they age. In the field of laser vision correction, the Crystalens […]


Eyeglasses : Myths about Vision and Eyeglasses

If you wear eyeglasses, Dallas is a great place to live because of the resources available to you. Key Whitman, for example, is a leading eye-care facilitydedicated to improving vision and educating people about their eyes. There are a great many misperceptions about vision. Perhaps because the eyes are mysterious body parts for most people, […]


Eye Doctors in Plano Discuss Dry Eyes

One of the main complaints that lead patients to seek eye doctors in Plano is dry eyes, maybe because the arid climate aggravates the condition. Dry eye syndrome is uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but it can be treated. Here, we discuss the causes, symptoms, and solutions associated with dry eye syndrome. Causes: Tears are made […]


AcrySof Toric for Cataract Treatment in Dallas

Vision loss of any degree can be frightening and frustrating. It can have a significant impact on the quality of life. Cataracts are the most common source of vision loss usually comes with age. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the visual imparities that come with cataracts by using implantable lenses, such as AcrySof Toric […]


Higher Standards Mean Better Service

When searching for quality eye care, remember that it is important for the whole staff to be highly qualified and well trained. If you are looking into LASIK surgery, it isn’t just enough to make sure that the surgeon is well-qualified, but everyone at the clinic. At Key-Whitman, all technicians are required to become Certified […]

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COVID-19 Your Health and Safety Remains our Top Priority. Read More.

COVID-19 Your Health and Safety Remains our Top Priority. Read More.