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Save Your Vision, Get an Eye Exam.

When was the last time you had your eyes checked? Getting your eyes checked regularly should be part of your annual preventative health care routine and is equally as important to your health as your annual physical exam. A dilated, comprehensive eye exam is the most effective method for diagnosing unhealthy eyes and eye conditions. […]


Understanding Cataract Treatment Options

Contrary to what many believe, cataracts are not a growth or film on the eye—they are a clouding of the focusing lens of the eye caused by protein deposits on the lens. The progression of cataracts cannot be slowed or reversed. Once cataracts begin to develop, there is no way to make the lens clear […]


What Sunglasses Are Right for You?

Is it time to buy a new pair of sunglasses to help protect your eyes this summer? Choosing a pair of sunglasses (or any eyeglasses, for that matter) isn’t always easy. Consider more than just function when choosing new glasses frames. Be sure to find the frames that best fit and flatter your face. If […]


Is Crystalens Eye Surgery Right for You?

Cataract patients have a number of high technology treatment options available. One of those is Crystalens®, one type of intraocular lens implants (IOLs) developed by Bausch + Lomb. Crystalens is designed for patients who also suffer from presbyopia, a natural loss of vision due to age. Traditional IOLs are fixed within the eye and only […]


4 Family-Friendly Dallas-Area May Events

As summer draws near, the Dallas-area calendar is quickly filling up. Whether you need a night out with your special someone or are looking for some fun for the whole family, here are a few upcoming events you might enjoy. Deep Ellum Urban Race and Block Party — May 3 It’s the first ever Deep […]


Eyelid Surgery at Key-Whitman

Not all eye surgeries are done to correct vision. In some cases, a patient may require cosmetic surgery — oculoplastic surgery — to correct conditions involving the tissues surrounding the eye, such as the eyelid, rather than to the cornea or lens of the eye itself. Oculoplastic surgery can correct a number of cosmetic problems […]


Eye Protection for Tennis Players

There’s a certain level of risk associated with nearly any type of sport, though some sports pose more risk than others. In addition to sports-related injuries such as broken bones, sprains or torn tendons and ligaments, eye injuries are also common among athletes. Blunt trauma and impact injuries, penetrating or piercing injuries and radiation injuries […]


Gardening Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Are your allergies keeping you from enjoying time working in your garden? It’s no secret that North Texas is full of allergy-causing pollen in the springtime, causing sniffling, sneezing, coughing, headaches and itching, burning, watery or dry eyes. This spring allergy season is expected to be no better than recent years. In fact, this year’s […]

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COVID-19 Your Health and Safety Remains our Top Priority. Read More.

COVID-19 Your Health and Safety Remains our Top Priority. Read More.