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How the World’s Tiniest Medical Implant Brings New Hope and Relief to Glaucoma Patients

While prescription eye drops may be one of the most effective treatments for glaucoma, drops can be problematic for some people. Fortunately, glaucoma sufferers have more safe, surgical options available now than ever before. According to Key-Whitman Eye Center’s eye surgeon Ronald M. Barke, M.D., “Surgery can provide relief for many glaucoma patients, and today […]


What You Should Know About Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a type of oculoplastic surgery, a unique surgical specialty that focuses on corrective and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, tear ducts and orbit of the eye. Key-Whitman oculoplastic specialists focus on functional disorders of the eyelids, orbits and lacrimal drainage systems as well as cosmetic enhancement of the eye area. In many […]


Must-See March Events in North Texas

The gloomy winter weather is behind us (we hope) and it’s finally time to enjoy some springtime weather. That means sunshine, flowers and plenty of fresh air. After spending the winter inside, are you ready for some outdoor fun? Here are a few of the events in and around Dallas we think you’ll enjoy this […]


Cataract Surgery: What to Know About Your Recovery

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts and are preparing to have surgery, you’re probably wondering what to expect during the recovery process. During cataract surgery, the clouded lens of the eye is removed and replaced with an artificial lens implant. Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, and you will be able to go home […]


How Dry Eyes Can Affect You

Dry eye syndrome is defined by chronic insufficient lubrication on the surface of the eye caused by inadequate tear production. It is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful condition of the eye, and it is one of the most common complaints eye doctors hear from patients. Symptoms of dry eyes can range from minor, occasional discomfort […]


Give back! Become a Cornea Donor

Are you registered as an organ and tissue donor? When most people think of becoming a donor, they think of donating major organs, such as the heart, liver and kidneys. Many people don’t realize the impact that the donation of tissues like corneas can have on the life of the recipient. By registering to be […]


Why Annual Eye Exams Are Important

Why is it important to have an annual eye exam? If you wear glasses or contact lenses, do you really need to return to your eye doctor every year? Regular eye exams aren’t only for measuring changes in your vision. They are key to the prevention and early detection of eye diseases that could result […]


Pinkeye: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Pinkeye is a highly contagious eye infection. Though not necessarily dangerous, pinkeye can be irritating and sometimes painful. Coming in contact with someone who has untreated pinkeye can put others at risk for this downright unpleasant eye infection. Children are especially susceptible to contracting pinkeye from a friend or classmate. Also known as conjunctivitis, pinkeye […]


LipiFlow’s Amazing Relief for Misdiagnosed Cause of Dry Eyes – One Pastor’s Answered Prayer

Dr. Charles Stewart wholeheartedly admits, he doesn’t have a lot of patience for discomfort. When the symptoms of chronic dry eye syndrome began adversely affecting his daily life by impeding his ability to read, study, counsel parishioners at his church or enjoy the outdoors, Dr. Stewart set out on a journey to find relief. “When […]

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COVID-19 Your Health and Safety Remains our Top Priority. Read More.

COVID-19 Your Health and Safety Remains our Top Priority. Read More.