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Sports Vision Solutions for Athletes

Athletes have unique vision needs. For many athletes, their particular sport may require more than 20/20 vision. Depth perception, peripheral vision and hand-eye coordination are all aspects of vision that may affect an athlete’s performance. Athletes who have less than perfect vision, or who suffer from refractive errors, may require vision correction. There are numerous […]


LASIK Eye Surgery and 2013 FSA Changes

The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) rules are set to change on January 1, 2013. Beginning next year, employees will be limited to putting just $2,500 pre-tax salary into their health savings account. Currently, there is no legal limit, though most employers set a limit of $5,000. The start of a new year is just around […]


LASIK Eye Surgery for Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness (myopia) is a common cause of blurred vision, making it difficult to see objects in the distance clearly. It is considered a refractive error, and is most often caused from a variation of normal eye shape, not from a disease, though it may be caused by another disease or condition. Most nearsighted individuals have […]


Is LASIK Eye Surgery Safer than Contacts?

Long-term effects LASIK vs. contacts. Are contacts worse for your eyes over time than getting LASIK? In 2006, researchers at Oregon Health and Science University’s Casey Eye Institute suggested that over time, it may be more dangerous to wear contact lenses than to undergoLASIK eye surgery. More recent research has been conducted supporting this claim. […]


LASIK Eye Surgery and Dry Eyes

It is not uncommon for LASIK eye surgery patients to experience dry eyes after surgery. In fact, nearly half of all LASIK patients do experience temporary, mild dry eye symptoms following surgery. For some, the condition may linger for several months. Sometimes, dry eye is a side effect of LASIK eye surgery, but other times, […]


LASIK Eye Surgery for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is an eye condition in which the shape of the eye is abnormally curved. The cornea and lens of the eye should be smooth and evenly curved in all directions. An equally curved eye will properly refract light, allowing clear vision. Astigmatism is an irregular shape of the cornea or lens. Astigmatism means light […]

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