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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Contact Lenses

If you want freedom from eyeglasses—whether you’re an athlete, live an active lifestyle or simply don’t prefer the look of glasses—and LASIK isn’t an option for you, contact lenses are a simple solution that can give you the freedom you’re looking for. Before you get fitted for your first pair of contacts, here are some […]


Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery for Athletes

An athlete’s vision needs go beyond the vision requirements of daily life. Many sports require excellent depth perception, peripheral vision and hand-eye coordination—all aspects of vision that may affect an athlete’s performance. Like anyone without 20/20 vision, athletes must rely on corrective lenses, such as contact lenses or eyeglasses, to see clearly. Unfortunately for athletes, […]


Why Millennials Should Invest in LASIK

Is LASIK eye surgery something you consider out of reach due to your age or financial status? When you take time to look at the benefits of LASIK, you might be surprised to learn that laser eye surgery is an ideal option for young adults. Here are five reasons young people should consider LASIK eye […]


What’€™s New in LASIK Eye Surgery

Technology is constantly changing, and the technology we use to perform LASIK eye surgery is no different. LASIK tools and procedures have evolved greatly over the past 25 years. As technology improves, more patients are able to benefit from corrective eye surgery and the outcomes of vision correction surgery improve. Key-Whitman is one of the […]


Using Your FSA to Pay For LASIK

If you’ve been considering LASIK eye surgery but aren’t sure how to cover the expenses, the answer may lie in your healthcare benefits. If you have a flexible spending plan (FSA) through your employer, LASIK is considered an eligible expense. An FSA allows you to put aside a set amount of pretax income to use […]


Why Contacts Are More Risky than LASIK: 4 Serious Contact Lens Complications That Jeopardize Eye Health

Recently, a horror story about microscopic bugs (the ancanthamoeba) eating through the corneas of a Taiwanese student made headlines. The young woman, who is now blind in both eyes, unwisely wore limited-wear, disposable contacts for several months, and even went swimming during this period. While this story should give contact lens wearers pause – the […]


The Link Between LASIK Eye Surgery and Dry Eyes

Every year, more than a million people get LASIK eye surgery to correct their vision. Of those, about eight in 10 LASIK patients will experience dry eyes following the procedure. Dry eyes is a condition that causes the eyes to itch, burn and produce excessive tearing. It is a common side effect of LASIK and […]


PRK: An Alternative to LASIK Eye Surgery

The most common form of laser eye surgery, LASIK eye surgery, is not the only eye surgery option to correct refractive errors causing vision problems. Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is one LASIK alternative. Also known as LASEK, PRK is commonly used to correct mild to moderate refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism. Selecting the […]

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