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Have Floaters, Dry Eye or Poor Reading Vision? New Technology Provides Relief

At Key-Whitman Eye Center we’re always on the lookout for new eye health technology. In fact, our eye doctors and surgeons regularly participate in research and clinical trials to bring these ophthalmologic advances to market. In honor of National Save Your Vision Month, we’d like to share a few breakthroughs that might interest you. Vision-saving […]


Eye Floaters and Flashes

There will be plenty of flashes in the skies this New Year’s Eve, but the flashes you see should end when the fireworks end. If you see bright flashes of light or “stars” in your vision from day to day, you’re seeing more than the flashes of New Year’s celebrations or the residual spots from […]


Eye Floaters

Have you ever tried to swat a gnat out of your line of vision, only to find it wouldn’t go away? Have you noticed a cobweb shape in your vision when looking at a bright background such as a computer screen or the blue sky? These disturbances to vision are called eye floaters, and are […]


Eye Floater Causes

Have you noticed black spots, specks or even the appearance of a “cobweb” in your field of vision? These are called floaters. Typically, floaters are no cause for alarm; they are simply annoying. While they are most commonly harmless, if you notice floaters, it’s important to schedule eye exam to rule out a retinal emergency […]

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