How to Practice Better Eye Hygiene

Improving Your Eye Hygiene

When it comes to hygiene and self-care routines, you might envision showering often, skincare, and brushing your teeth as recommended. Now, while these are all important, have you given much thought to how you practice proper eye hygiene? By breaking a few bad habits and putting in a bit more effort, you can help your eyes stay healthy and free of infection.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes

Whether you have a slight itch or you feel like something’s in your eye, it’s very easy to touch your eyes throughout the day. However, doing so can transfer germs and bacteria and put you at risk of pink eye, styes, or other infections. If you must touch your eye, make sure your hands are clean first.

Properly Care for Your Contacts

You should never handle your contacts without thoroughly washing your hands first. Not only can dirty hands transfer bacteria onto the contact and into your eye, but it can also allow for small particles to get into your eye and cause irritation or scratches.

You should also be replacing your contacts as directed. Overusing lenses can cause dry eyes, increase your risk for infection, and lead to other more serious eye health issues, such as Keratitis.

Remove Your Eye Makeup

We know it’s very easy to come home after a long day and go straight to sleep without removing your eye makeup, but that’s a bad call. Eye shadow, and other makeup can make their way into your eye and cause buildup and infection.

Don’t Share Makeup

You may think nothing of using your friend’s mascara when you forget your own, but doing so can put you at a greater risk of getting an infection. This is especially true if the makeup being shared is older and therefore more likely to have collected bacteria.

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