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Improving Your Vision in 2022

Achieving Better Eye Care in the New Year

The beginning of a new year is always the perfect time for patients to set goals for what they’d like to achieve over the next 365 days. Often, our patients tell us that they hope to take better care of their health — and we remind them that this includes their eye health as well!

If your New Year’s resolution list includes better healthy habits, use these tips to start taking better care of your vision:

Learn Your Risks

Some eye conditions are hereditary, such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, while some can be a side effect of another condition, such as diabetic retinopathy. It’s important to go over not only your own personal health record, but your family’s to know if you’re at risk for developing an eye condition.

Treat Existing Conditions

If you are aware that you have an existing eye condition, it’s essential to speak to your eye doctor and work on a treatment plan — especially in cases where partial or full blindness is a risk factor as a condition progresses.

As a fully integrated ophthalmology practice, Key-Whitman Eye Center provides a lifetime of quality, specialized eye care for all of your vision needs.

Our life-enhancing services include:

  • Adult comprehensive eye care.
  • Refractive surgery.
  • Cataract surgery.
  • Cosmetic & reconstructive eyelid surgery.

Treatment Options

Beyond common optical treatments like glasses and contact lenses, we offer the following:


Many people choose LASIK eye surgery because they want to get out of glasses or contact lenses. Did you know there are other benefits? By reducing the need for contacts, LASIK helps patients prevent common infections that can occur when contacts are not cleaned or changed as directed.

In some cases, LASIK eye surgery can also treat astigmatism by reshaping the cornea. Reshaping the cornea will improve how the eye focuses light rays on the retina.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts form when the natural crystalline lens or focusing lens behind the pupil begins to become cloudy and dense, which stops light from entering the retina. Cataracts are treated by removing the cloudy lens through no-stitch outpatient surgery. Your Key-Whitman Eye Center surgeon will gently fragment or emulsify the cataract and replace it with a lens implant.

Cosmetic / Oculoplastic

At Key-Whitman Eye Center, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures for men and women so they can feel more confident about themselves. We are proud to offer the following treatments for our patients:

Remember, you can use your FSA account for many of your eye care needs!

Practice Proper Eye Care

In addition to receiving treatment, you should be sure to keep healthy eye habits at home to protect your eyesight and prevent infection. These habits include:

  • Remove your eye makeup daily.
  • Avoid touching your eyes.
  • Use your contacts properly.
  • Wear blue light glasses (available at Key-Whitman Optical Centers).
  • Swap contacts for glasses.
  • Take breaks from viewing screens throughout the day.
  • Add lights if your room is dimly-lit.
  • Improve your diet.
  • See your eye doctor regularly.

Make Your Annual Eye Exam Appointment

As always, the best way to take care of your vision is to stay on top of your regular annual eye exam. Schedule yours at the beginning of the new year every year, and you’ll never forget! During your comprehensive Key-Whitman Eye Center vision exam, we may also perform:

  • Pupil testing, for sensitivity/light response.
  • Assessment of the health of the lens, optic nerve, retina, and cornea, eyelids, eyelashes, and tear ducts.
  • Glaucoma screening by testing intraocular pressure – we can do this test without that annoying puff of air.
  • Peripheral vision testing.
  • Corrected visual potential testing using visual acuity and refraction test.

Schedule Your Comprehensive Eye Exam at Key-Whitman Eye Center Today

Our team of Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex eye doctors at Key-Whitman Eye Center is committed to offering advanced and excellent care for our valued patients. We have been serving patients for more than 50 years and we are committed to being the state-of-the-art eye care center. At Key-Whitman Eye Center, you’ll have access to new technology and procedures to help you get your best vision possible. We hope you have a happy New Year and look forward to seeing you soon!

To book your annual eye exam before the year ends, contact us online or by phone at (214) 225-2577 today.