LUMIFY Is A Game Changer For Red Eyes, Here’s Why You Should Stop By And Give It A Try

Older woman driving a silver carKey-Whitman Eye Center’s Dallas optometrist Amanda Hoelscher is excited about a new treatment to relieve red, irritated eyes – and for good reason. “I have patients come in every day asking what they can do to treat red eyes, but there hasn’t been anything on the market we felt comfortable recommending. Now with LUMIFYTM eye drops, we have a solution that gets the red out without loss of efficacy or the rebound effect you get with traditional drops,” Dr. Hoelscher says.

Until now, many people who suffered with eye redness turned to over-the counter eye drops relief. Unfortunately, those products can be problematic for some patients over the short- and long-term.

According to Dr. Hoelscher, “We usually advise patients to not use over-the-counter eye drops to get the red out. The problem with some of these products is there is a dramatic rebound effect over time, where the drops make your eyes redder than they were in the first place. That puts you in the position where you have to use the drops more and more. Plus, patients eventually lose efficacy with those types of drops, where they’re not as effective as they once were.”

With LUMIFY, you don’t get the rebound effect or loss of efficacy. As Dr. Hoelscher explains, “LUMIFY is composed of a different chemical than traditional drops. It uses a diluted concentration of brimonidine, a chemical used in one of the glaucoma eye drops we’ve been prescribing for years. According to the clinical trials, the results are also impressive. Within one minute of instilling one drop, most patients experience redness relief for up to eight hours.”

Is LUMIFY Right For You? Ask Your Eye Doctor

LUMIFY wasn’t designed to treat every type of red eye, so it’s important to not self-diagnose. Instead, you should see an eye doctor to determine the root cause of the redness.

“Red eye that is related to dryness can cause significant pain for some patients. In fact that type of eye pain is right up there with back pain in the way it can affect a person and their activities of daily living. LUMIFY isn’t a good option for those patients. Instead, we need to figure out what’s causing the dry eye symptoms and treat the patient accordingly,” Dr. Hoelscher says.

On the upside, Dr. Hoelscher believes LUMIFY will definitely be a game changer for many people who experience redness due allergies, lack of sleep, drinking too much alcohol the night before and other reasons. Again, make sure to talk with your eye doctor before self-diagnosing, especially if you’re dealing with chronic red eyes or dryness.

Want To Give LUMIFY A Test Drive? Give Us A Call

While LUMIFY is available over the counter, Key-Whitman will be keeping the product in stock at its Dallas, North Dallas, Arlington, North Arlington, Mesquite and Plano locations.

“At Key-Whitman, we want to make it convenient for patients to purchase the formulation of eye drops that addresses their eye condition best. If a patient comes in complaining of red eye symptoms – and that happens every day here – they also have the opportunity to give LUMIFY a try on the spot,” explains Dr. Hoelscher.

If You’d Like To Test Drive LUMIFY Eye Drops At Any Of Our Key-Whitman Eye Center Locations, Contact Our Main Office At (214) 225-2577 Or Set Up An Appointment Online.


Amanda Hoelscher, O.D., is board certified by the American Board of Optometry. In her practice, Dr. Hoelscher performs comprehensive dilated eye examinations for diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease, and she is extensively trained in preoperative and postoperative management of cataract and refractive surgery. A graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry, Dr. Hoelscher also served as a co-investigator for the FDA in LASIK. She sees patients at Key-Whitman’s North Dallas office, a practice dedicated to multi-generational family eye care. In her free time, Dr. Hoelscher enjoys traveling and spending time with her two children.