How To Pick The Right Optical Center For Your Vision, Your Face And Your Lifestyle

Woman with big sunglasses walking down the streetIf you’ve ever purchased prescription eyeglasses or contacts and ended up disappointed with the selection of frames, how the glasses fit your face, or the comfort, quality or accuracy of your prescription, it may be time to look for new optical center. Experience, convenience and quality products count when it comes to happy optical outcomes, which is what patients will find at Key-Whitman Eye Center’s NEW Plano Optical Center. According to Key-Whitman Plano eye doctor Sadaf Razi, the new Optical Center will transform the existing location into the one-stop shop patients have been requesting. As she explains, “Patients had been asking for the option for an optical center here onsite, and we listened. We wanted to make it more convenient for our patients, so now they can get their eye exams, glasses and contacts all in the same place.”

Rely on Experienced Optical Pros to Help You See and Look Your Best in Glasses or Contacts

According to Dr. Razi, “We see a lot of patients who come to us for help after getting their glasses or contacts prescription filled elsewhere and ending up with all sorts of problems. We stand behind our care and products to make sure the patient has the most accurate prescription, along with the optimum fit for their face.”

One of the main reasons people are dissatisfied with their prescription eyeglasses or contacts is because the optician they worked with wasn’t properly trained.

“Experienced opticians are trained and specialize in knowing what style of frame is most flattering based on a patient’s facial structure and anatomy. Our opticians are also well versed in interviewing patients to understand what their visual demands, lifestyle and hobbies may be, so we can help them choose the best eyewear for their lifestyle,” Dr. Razi says.

Get tips on how to choose the best eyeglasses or sunglasses for your face here.

At Key-Whitman Plano, Dr. Razi and her team also believe it’s essential that the eye doctor, optician and technical staff work together as a team to ensure proper fit and an accurate prescription. As Dr. Razi explains, “By working together, nothing is lost in translation, which helps create a seamless experience for the patient.”

Dr. Razi explains the importance of optical expertise and a team approach to patient care.

For Optimum Optical Results, Choose an Optical Center With a Full Range of Eyeglass Frames and High-Tech Lens Options

All optical centers are NOT created equal, and you may have limited options for frames and high-tech eyeglass or contact lenses depending on where you go.

“When it comes to technology, Key-Whitman is dedicated to providing patients with a robust selection of high-tech lenses that help enhance vision correction, comfort and safety – including premium UV protection. That’s why you’ll find all of the top contact lens brands, as well as leading eyeglass lens brands (Varilux, Crizal, Transitions, Eyezen, ExperioUV and others) at Key-Whitman’s Optical Center in Plano and our other locations,” explains Dr. Razi.

Choosing the right frames is typically a very personal decision. Making a fashion statement is also important for many of Dr. Razi’s patients, while affordability is essential for others. That’s why Plano patients can choose from a vast assortment of frames, including designer styles (Tiffany, Tory Burch, Armani, PRADA, Versace, Maui Jim, Ray Ban and others); high-quality, affordable eyeglass frames and even prescription-grade, colored, cosmetic contact lenses.

Dr. Razi discusses the eyeglass frame and contact lens options patients can find at Key-Whitman Plano Optical Center.

Hey DFW! Looking for an Optical Center Where Everything Is Focused on You?

Along with our NEW Plano Optical Center, patients can also find premium, one-stop vision and optical care at Key-Whitman Eye Center locations in Dallas, South Arlington and Mesquite.

To schedule an eye exam or optical consultation with Dr. Razi in Plano or with an eye doctor or optician at another Key-Whitman location, give us a call at (214) 225-2577 or set up an appointment online.


Indiana native Dr. Sadaf Razi earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Purdue University and later earned her doctorate degree in Optometry from the Indiana University School of Optometry. She is certified to practice optometry in Texas by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry. Dr. Razi specializes in adult eye care, treating patients suffering from diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma, and also provides pre-operative and post-operative care for LASIK and cataract surgery patients. When
not caring for patients, Dr. Razi enjoys spending time with her husband
and two children.

Photo Source: Pixabay