5 Reasons Veterans Should Choose Key-Whitman For Cataract Surgery

US Military tagDiscovering that Key-Whitman Eye Center was on the VA’s approved list of outside providers for cataract surgery came as a welcome relief to Army veteran David Fincher. The VA initially referred him to another eye center on the list, but Fincher had an uneasy feeling during his initial visit there.“The staff couldn’t answer any questions I had, even mundane questions, which was very frustrating. In my life, on more than one occasion my intuition has saved my life. And I thought, before I’m going to let someone operate on my eyes, I want to be very sure that I’m confident in their abilities,” Fincher says.

An A+ BBB Rating Drew Mr. Fincher To Key-Whitman

When Fincher’s intuition kicked in, he decided to do some research. He checked the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB’s) reviews for the initial eye center and found the company’s rating was low. Then he came across the BBB’s reviews for Key-Whitman.

“I called the BBB, and they told me Key-Whitman had an A+ rating with the BBB, and that Dr. Jeffrey Whitman was one of the best eye doctor’s west of the Mississippi. They went on and on. So I called the VA’s Choice program, and they told me Key-Whitman was on the list. I canceled my surgery with the other center, came here, and based on my experience, I would recommend Key-Whitman without hesitation,” Fincher says.

Patient David Fincher says he would recommend Key-Whitman to the men who served with him when he was a sergeant in the infantry.

The Key-Whitman Five-Point Difference For Veterans

Following cataract surgery, Army veteran David Fincher recommends Key-Whitman Eye Center to other veteran’s who need the procedure. Here’s why:

  1. VA-Approved Eye Care ProviderAccording to Key-Whitman Director of Patient Accounting Matthew Chapman, “When Dallas-area veterans needing cataract surgery face long wait times or a VA facility isn’t conveniently located near their home, the VA of North Texas allows veterans to seek care outside of the VA. Key-Whitman is one of those providers.”
  2. Friendly, Professional, Knowledgeable Staff“When I came to Key Whitman, it was 180 degrees different than the other place, and I could feel it when I walked in the door. Everybody was very professional but also friendly, and any questions I had were answered very competently. They always asked if I was satisfied and said if I needed to talk to my eye doctor they would have him come speak with me,” Fincher says.
  3. Convenient, “One-Stop Shop” with State-of-the-Art Surgical Center Fincher was also pleased that his exams and cataract surgery all took place under one roof. As he explains, “It was so convenient to be able to come to one location, and the facilities and equipment here are great.”
  4. Excellent Reputation with BBB and PatientsWhile Key-Whitman’s A+ BBB rating initially grabbed Fincher’s attention, he heard plenty of positive feedback from friends who had cataract surgery at Key-Whitman, too. “Of my friends who have had eye problems, it’s not a secret. Key-Whitman is very well known and has an excellent reputation. This wasn’t something I had to mine for gold to find,” says Fincher.
  5. Full-Service and Hands-On ApproachAs a cataract surgery patient at Key-Whitman, veterans can rely on the staff to walk them through the process so they know what to expect. Patients can also feel confident that the Key-Whitman team will make sure they get any related medications they need and work with insurance companies to verify coverage. Fincher appreciated how proactive Key-Whitman’s insurance specialists were in clearing him for his stent procedure to treat glaucoma. Says Fincher, “After finding my glaucoma, they contacted my insurance company through the VA and explained why it was important for me to have the stent procedure at that time. Fortunately, they were able to clear me for the procedure. Once again my intuition was right, I knew I picked the right place.”

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Caring For Veterans’ Eye Health Is A Top Priority

According to Key-Whitman President and Chief Surgeon Jeffrey Whitman, “Every Key-Whitman team member considers it a privilege to serve the veterans who walk through our doors. We are 100 percent committed to helping veterans get access to the best eye care available while ensuring their journey with us runs smoothly.”

Fincher’s experience at Key-Whitman echoes Dr. Whitman’s sentiments. As he explains, “Everyone on the staff seems so happy to be here and the hand off from one team to the next is seamless. When I have a question, they are able to answer it. Everything runs with military precision here. They don’t waste your time, but you don’t feel rushed.”

Fincher was also grateful for the staff’s thoroughness and expertise during his pre-operative eye exam. “During my exam, they discovered I had glaucoma, something the other center didn’t find. So when I had my cataract surgery, the eye surgeon was also able to implant stents in my eyes to lower intraocular eye pressure. Now I don’t have to deal with the glaucoma eye drops, ointments, and eye discomfort, because the Key-Whitman team found the issue and addressed it during surgery,” Fincher says.

Better Eyesight At 70 Than 7 Years Old

Ever since he was a child, Fincher has always had poor eyesight. “I’ve worn contacts for over 40 years and tolerated them pretty well, but it’s nothing like after cataract surgery. It’s one of the huge advantages of being 70 years old, I have better eyesight now than I had at 7 years old,” Fincher says.

Fincher explains how cataract surgery has been a revelation to him, and he can see better than he could as a child.

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Jeffrey Whitman, M.D., is a nationally renowned eye surgeon, board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. He has been the President and Chief Surgeon of Key-Whitman Eye Centers in Dallas since 1996 and is currently President of the Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society. Dr. Whitman is a frequent participant in clinical trials and is known as a respected researcher, innovator and leader in refractive cataract surgery, LASIK eye surgery and for his extensive experience implanting high-technology lenses. He is frequently called upon to serve on the boards of local and national medical associations and organizations. Dr. Whitman and his wife reside in Dallas and enjoy fitness, playing tennis, snow skiing and traveling.