How Long Does It Take To Recover From LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery has revolutionized vision and allowed people to see more clearly and naturally than they ever have before. However, despite the fact that this procedure is non-invasive, it is eye surgery that is performed with a laser and will require a recovery period. One of the most frequent questions we receive involves how long this recovery period will take, including how long someone who undergoes this surgery can expect to be restricted from their normal activities. While there’s no straightforward answer to this, there’s a few things you can expect during the recovery process which can help you understand how long it will take.

Short-Term Recovery

LASIK surgery has two recovery periods: short-term and long-term. Short-term recovery generally takes between two days and about a week, starting immediately after your surgery ends. You’ll need to arrange for transportation on the day of your surgery, since you won’t be able to drive yourself home, and your doctor will tell you to immediately go home and rest for the first several hours following your surgery. You’ll check in with them usually within a day or two after having your surgery.

The first few days may be uncomfortable. It’s not uncommon for patients to experience redness, eye pain, and irritation or weeping. Irritation may feel as though you have a piece of sand in your eye, but it’s crucially important that you don’t rub it. In fact, your doctor may ask you to wear a blindfold or eye patch during your sleep to prevent you from accidentally rubbing it. Your eyes may also be sensitive to light during this period, so you may find it comfortable to wear dark-tint sunglasses during this period.

Long-Term Recovery

Long-term recovery normally takes around six months, but can take even longer if your healing goes slowly. You’ll have several checkups with your doctor to make sure everything is going well, and it’s not uncommon to experience several fluctuations in your vision over this period. However, you should start to experience your best vision about four weeks after your LASIK treatment is complete.

During your six-month recovery period, your doctor will instruct you to stay away from high-impact activities in order to ensure your eye heals properly. They’ll also give you a fairly lengthy list of post-operation instructions.

Even after your long-term recovery is complete, your eyes will be more prone to injury, so it’s important to make sure you keep your vision safe. Wear safety goggles when performing risky activities, such as playing sports or working with power tools, and always make sure you protect your eyes from strong glare by using sunglasses.

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