Can The Right Vitamins And Foods Help Improve The Healthiness Of Your Eyes?

Blue berries and pillsRecently, Dr. Sadaf Razi appeared on WFAA ABC News where she discussed how consuming the right amount and appropriate types of vitamins can improve a person’s overall health and vision.

Dr. Razi states that because of how hectic our lives can become, most people do not obtain the adequate levels of vitamins needed in a day. While many fruits, vegetables, and other foods contain these vitamins, it is not always easy to consume the necessary amount. However, these vitamins are essential to a person’s health as well as their vision. She continues, stating that while various stores offer different types of supplements and vitamins, individuals should only trust vitamins that are pharmaceutical grade.

Key-Whitman Eye Center Can Provide the Vitamins and Supplements You Need

At Key-Whitman Eye Center, we are dedicated to providing our patients with both exceptional products and services. Because we understand the importance of obtaining the right micronutrients throughout the day, we offer several products that can help give you the results you need.

Below are some products that Key-Whitman Eye Center carries:

  • OcularProtect: This supplement is designed to improve and maintain a person’s overall health.
  • MacularProtect: This supplement is designed to combat the symptoms and progression of macular degeneration disease. This disease is common in elderly persons and has genetic components. It is considered a serious and potentially blinding disease.
  • HydroEye: This supplement is designed to help those suffering from dry and overly-fatigued eyes. The main ingredients in this product are essential fatty acids, which combat ocular surface irritation.

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