Using Your FSA To Pay For LASIK

Glasses on a tableIf you’ve been considering LASIK eye surgery but aren’t sure how to cover the expenses, the answer may lie in your healthcare benefits. If you have a flexible spending plan (FSA) through your employer, LASIK is considered an eligible expense.

An FSA allows you to put aside a set amount of pretax income to use for medical, dental and vision expenses. In 2014, there was a $2,500 limit for FSA plans; in 2015, that number will rise to $2,550. Although this won’t cover the entire cost of LASIK, which typically runs around $5,000, using your FSA to pay for LASIK will cover up to half the cost of the procedure.

If you have do not use the entirety of your FSA account in 2014 (up to $2,500), depending on the options offered by your employer, you may be able to carry over a portion of those funds into 2015 or receive a grace period during which you may use your remaining funds from 2014.

Employers are not required to offer a carryover option or a grace period, but if your employer does provide this option, you may be able to use $500 from your 2014 account or receive a two-and-a-half month grace period during which to use your remaining funds. Coupled with your 2015 FSA funds, this can further reduce the cost of your LASIK procedure.

If you have remaining funds in your FSA from this year and your employer does not offer a carryover option or grace period, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. It may not be too late to use your remaining FSA funds for LASIK in 2014.

When combined with Key-Whitman Eye Center’s flexible payment options and payment plans, we can help make paying for your vision correction surgery as painless as possible. In order to select the payment package that best suits your needs, schedule your free screening.

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LASIK isn’t the only vision-related eligible expense under your FSA plan. You may also use your FSA to cover the costs of regular eye exams and prescription eyeglasses. If you are interested in LASIK surgery or would like to schedule a comprehensive eye exam, contact Key-Whitman. We have offices in four locations within Dallas, Collin and Tarrant Counties.