LASIK Eye Surgery For Nearsightedness

Eye glasses on a tableNearsightedness (myopia) is a common cause of blurred vision, making it difficult to see objects in the distance clearly. It is considered a refractive error, and is most often caused from a variation of normal eye shape, not from a disease, though it may be caused by another disease or condition.

Most nearsighted individuals have an abnormally shaped eyeball. The naturally shaped eye is rounded, but a nearsighted eye is oval-shaped. Less commonly, the misshapen eye may be caused by a change in the cornea or lens. In a normally shaped eye, light is focused directly on the retina, but in the nearsighted eye, light is focused in front of the retina.

Prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses are common forms of vision correction for nearsightedness, but LASIK eye surgery is another option for treatment.

During the LASIK procedure, a flap is created using IntraLase and it is gently lifted and folded back. The laser reshapes the underlying corneal tissue by emitting a computer-controlled beam of light that removes the exact amount of tissue in a matter of seconds. The corneal flap is then placed back into its original position. Due to the cornea’s extraordinary bonding qualities, no stitches or patches are required.

Simply put, LASIK eye surgery reshapes the cornea to improve how the eye focuses light rays on the retina. Some individuals with nearsightedness may also have astigmatism. LASIK eye surgery can also be used to reshape the cornea to correct astigmatism.

Nearsightedness can be diagnosed in a routine eye exam. Your eye doctor will recommend the option that is best for you. Are you tired of being restricted by the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses to see clearly? Contact us to schedule a free consultation to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK vision correction surgery to correct myopia.

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