Schedule An Appointment During National Eye Exam Month

Dr. Whitman helping a patientIn 1989, Sears Optical dedicated August as National Eye Exam Month to encourage people everywhere to see their eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam. Now is a great time to schedule an appointmentto have your eyes examined!

Annual eye exams are an important element of your preventative health care. A comprehensive eye exam in which your eyes are dilated is the most effective method for diagnosing unhealthy eyes and eye conditions. Some eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration may have no symptoms, and can only be detected in an eye exam. When detected early, these many eye conditions can be treated, which may in fact save your vision.

During an eye exam, your eye doctor will also be able to detect any vision impairment and provide recommendations for vision correction. A comprehensive exam may include procedures such as (but not limited to): measurements of visual activity; tests of specific vision functions; eye health evaluation; refraction tests; eye focusing, eye teaming and eye movement testing. Your doctor may recommend corrective vision options including contact lenses, prescription glasses and LASIK eye surgery.

Before you see your eye doctor, be sure you know your family eye health history. Some eye conditions are hereditary, and just as your doctor should know of any family history of heart disease, diabetes or cancer, your eye doctor should know of any family history of eye conditions or eye disease. Knowing your family eye health history and informing your eye doctor of any family history of eye conditions will help determine if you may be at a higher risk of developing these conditions. A comprehensive exam may mean early detection of an eye condition that could prevent vision loss.

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