Crystalens Surgery FAQs

Man and woman walking on a bridgeCrystalens® is an intraocular lens implant that is used to improve vision near and far away. Individuals who undergo Crystalens® laser eye surgery can eliminate their dependence on contact lenses, bifocals and reading glasses. Crystalens® is the most advanced form of intraocular lens implant cataract surgery.

The majority of daily activities performed by adults are done in what is called the “intermediate range of vision.” This range is between 26 and 32 inches. Activities within this range include: ironing clothes, reading, playing an instrument, viewing items on grocery store shelves, applying makeup and doing hair, eating a meal, shaving, cooking and more. As we age, presybyopia weakens our ability to focus clearly within the intermediate range of vision. Individuals with cataracts will experience even greater vision loss for these activities.

Crystalens® is the most advanced intraocular lens implant available to cataract and presybyopia patients. It is the only naturally focusing lens available to correct vision at multiple focus distances.

If you suffer from presbyopia or cataracts, you may want to consider Crystalens® to correct your vision. Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about Crystalens® surgery:

How successful is Crystalens® surgery? Clinical data shows that 100 percent of Crystalens® patients have good intermediate vision (between 26 and 32 inches). More than 96 percent of people enrolled in the clinical study were able to see 20/20 at arm’s length without correction.

How does Crystalens® improve vision? Crystalens® technology uses the natural focusing muscles to accommodate the full range of vision. As a result, 100 percent of the light rays are focused at each distance so patients see clearly near, far and everything in between. You simply look at something and the Crystalens® will automatically focus your eye at near, arm’s length, or distance. The Crystalens® mimics the natural focusing ability of your eye.

Who is a candidate for Crystalens® surgery? Almost anyone with good general health is a candidate for implant surgery. Patients who have previously undergone refractive surgery may be a candidate for Crystalens® if their eyes are in good health. Patients who have previously undergone cataract surgery are not candidates for Crystalens®.

What are the risks associated with Crystalens® surgery? Current data shows that 98 percent of Crystalens® patients do not experience any complications and more than 95 percent experience improved vision. Complications of cataract surgery range from minor, usually temporary side effects, to very rare sight-threatening complications including: infection, hemorrhage, and retinal detachment. People with existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic inflammatory conditions, and chronic infections are at a higher risk of developing complications.

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To learn more about Crystalens® watch this video interview with Dr. Whitman on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas.

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