Crystalens Dallas: An Overview

Man and woman playing chessIf you have explored your options for lens implants, and decided on the Crystalens, Dallas has an experienced surgeon to meet your needs. Laser eye surgery is becoming commonplace, with people increasingly having vision correction or lens implants to keep their eyes functioning as they age. In the field of laser vision correction, the Crystalens stands out as something of a wonder.

Crystalens is a unique implant that acts more like a young healthy lens. It focuses up close when we are looking at our cell phones, at an intermediate distance when we are looking at a computer monitor or laptop, and at a distance while we are looking down the road as we drive. The lens emulates the human eye by moving back and forth to accommodate both short- and long-distance vision. The first and only accommodating intraocular lens to be approved by the FDA, Crystalens is a boon to those with cataracts.

In Dallas, Dr. Jeffrey Whitman has been performing Crystalens surgery since the product received FDA approval in 2003. Since then, he has performed many such surgeries, which are very similar to traditional cataract surgery. Leading a team of skilled surgeons and consummate professionals, he is both the president and chief surgeon at Key-Whitman.

If you are looking to regain the sight you had in your youth, consider Crystalens. Dallas residents who are considering it should consider Key-Whitman. A leading eye care clinic for over fifty years, Key-Whitman combines knowledge and experience with top-notch customer service. Check out our website to learn more about how Key-Whitman can meet your needs.