Want Better Vision Near and Far?

Key-Whitman Eye Center now offers a new, state-of-the-art lens that can correct your cataracts and your vision at the same time! If you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or trouble with glare at night, click here to learn about the Tecnis Symfony multifocal lens at Key-Whitman.

A New World View

Key-Whitman patients are very excited about their new vision with the Tecnis Symfony Lens!

This lens is a revolutionary option to treat cataracts and improve the full range of vision. By choosing the Symfony lens for your cataract procedure, you will gain the opportunity to see better at varying distances, both at night and during the day. The surgeons at Key-Whitman have been pleased with the way Symfony restores high-quality vision and depth focus with fewer side effects than ever before.

Advantages of Tecnis Symfony

  • Provides high-quality vision
  • Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF)
  • Treats astigmatism
  • Limits glare and halo

How Will This Impact Your Life?

Everyday tasks such as reading, using a computer and playing card games require the eyes to focus at different depths. Mono focal lens for cataract surgery only allow patients to see clearly at one selected distance, making glasses post-surgery an inconvenient must. But with the FDA-approved Tecnis Symfony lens, patients are able to change focus at far and intermediate and it can correct astigmatism. It also improves your near vision to allow for less dependency on reading glasses.

Imagine Improved Vision Both Day and Night

According to clinical trials, Tecnis Symfony also limits halo and glare in high- and low-light settings, which had been an issue with intraocular lenses of the past. The halo effect of seeing bright circles around light sources, often causes visual distraction and discomfort. The new design of the Tecnis Symfony minimizes the effects of both halos and dysphotopsia, the appearance of a shadow in the periphery of the vision. As a result, patients see better both day and night!

Contact a Dallas Fort Worth eye doctor at Key-Whitman Eye Center today and see if Tecnis Symfony is right for you.

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