3 Reasons to Check Out LipiFlow® - a Breakthrough Treatment for Dry Eye - Now

Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 24-May-2016

Dry eye syndrome affects millions of Americans, and many people struggle to find relief. One reason patients are unsatisfied with the results of their dry eye treatment is the root cause of their condition hasn’t been properly diagnosed.

According to Key-Whitman Eye Center’s President and Chief Surgeon Jeffrey Whitman, M.D., “Our dry eye specialists really focus on finding the root cause of the patient’s symptoms first. During a thorough eye health exam, we use technology designed specifically for evaluating patients with dry eye symptoms. This helps ensure we have the right diagnosis before developing a treatment plan.”

There are two main causes for dry eye syndrome – oil layer deficiency or water layer deficiency in the tear film – and some patients suffer from both.

LipiFlow can help alleviate oil layer deficiency in tear film

Since 2013, Key-Whitman has offered the breakthrough treatment LipiFlow to patients who suffer from an oil layer deficiency in their tear film. LipiFlow essentially warms up and massages the eyelids to unclog the oil glands in the eyelids (also known as meibomian glands) and get the oil flowing freely again.

“In order to assess the tear film, we use the LipiView device, which utilizes microscopic videography to examine the level of oil – or lipids – in the tear film and determine whether the tear film is consistent or not. From there, we can determine whether a patient is a good candidate for the LipiFlow procedure or not,” Dr. Whitman says.

Where other treatments have failed, LipiFlow has delivered remarkable results

While results vary, the Dallas eye doctors at the dry eye center at Key-Whitman have consistently seen positive and long-lasting results for patients following the LipiFlow treatment.

As Dr. Whitman explains,

“What we find is with careful patient selection, all of the patients we’ve treated have seen success with the Lipiflow treatment so far. Some do dramatically better than others, but everyone we’ve treated has seen an improvement to their dry eye symptoms.”

One patient who struggled to find relief really stands out for Dr. Whitman and the team.

“A male patient in his late 50s had been struggling with dry eye symptoms for five years. When he came to see us, he had terrible keratitis (corneal inflammation) on the surface of his eyes due to dry eye. He had really tried just about every dry eye treatment available on the market – eye drops, eye ointment, tear drainage duct plugs and serum tears – but he was still miserable,” Dr. Whitman says.

All of these treatments can work wonders for the right patient, but not in this patient’s case.

As Dr. Whitman adds,

“Once we got to the root of the patient’s dry eye problem, we recommended LipiFlow. Now, not only is his vision better, he has dramatically better tear production.”

Not every patient is going to have such severe symptoms or see such dramatic results as this patient. However, Dr. Whitman does say with confidence,

“If you suffer from clogged meibomian glands and/or oil layer deficiency in your tear film, you should see improvement in your symptoms following the LipiFlow procedure.”

Learn more about the amazing relief of LipiFlow in this past story about patient and pastor, Dr. Charles Stewart.

3 great reasons to check into LipiFlow now

Along with the consistently positive results and relief Key-Whitman patients have experienced following treatment with LipiFlow, people who are good candidates for the procedure should also know:

1. The LipiFlow is a comfortable procedure & does not take long.

“It’s like having a relaxing massage on your eyelids, and the procedure is typically completed in a half hour or less,” Dr. Whitman says.

2. You can expect the results to last for a year, or two or more.

Last year, when we interviewed Key Whitman's Clinical Director of Optometric Services Todd J. Agnew, O.D., about his patient’s LipiFlow results he said, “Since Key-Whitman began offering LipiFlow nearly two years ago, we haven’t had to retreat any patients with the procedure, so the results are very encouraging."

3. The cost for LipiFlow has been cut in half.

“Since most insurance won’t cover the LipiFlow procedure, we found many patients couldn’t afford it. We really worked with the manufacturer to get the cost down and have been able to cut the price in half, so it’s more affordable for patients now. Plus, we do offer financing through Care Credit for patients who qualify,” says Dr. Whitman.

Entrust your dry eyes to a dry eye specialist

Because LipiFlow only provides relief for people with oil layer deficiency in their tear film, it isn’t an effective treatment for everyone who suffers from the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. As one of the few eye health practices in North Texas with an accredited dry eye center, Key-Whitman offers a wide range of effective dry eye treatments.

According to Dr. Whitman,

“What we do in the Dry Eye and Allergy Treatment Center is determine which part of the tears is creating the problem, then we tailor the treatment to the individual patient. While there may be some trial and error involved in treating dry eye syndrome, identifying the root cause helps expedite the treatment process.
So if simple artificial tears are going to work, that’s where we go. Restasis,® topical steroid drops and tear duct plugs also work well for some patients. In other cases, we’ve seen excellent anti-inflammatory and lubricating effects from serum tears, which is a tear preparation derived from the patient’s own plasma.”

You don’t need to suffer from dry eye symptoms – Key-Whitman Eye Center can help

If dry eye symptoms are affecting your quality of life, preventing you from wearing contact lenses or just plain getting on your nerves, you owe it to yourself to speak with one of our Dallas eye doctors today.

To schedule an appointment with one of the dry eye specialists at Key-Whitman Eye Center in Dallas, North Dallas, Arlington, South Arlington, Mesquite or Plano, please call (855) 410-8106, or you can set up an appointment online here.

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