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  • Eye Safety Tips for Summer Sports

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 31-Jul-2015

    Summertime is a busy season for sports and outdoor activities. Between taking the kids to the pool, getting them to soccer practice on time and making every T-ball game with equipment in tow, it can be easy to forget something. When you’re packing up the swimsuits, cleats, uniforms, helmets, bats and balls, don’t forget to think about eye protection for your child. Sports-related ...
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  • Why Digital Devices are Doing More Than Just Keeping You Awake at Night

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 29-Jul-2015

    By now you’ve probably heard that reading on your phone (or any digital device, for that matter) at night is bad for your sleep. But it goes further. Screen time before bed isn’t just keeping you awake at night. Here are several other reasons you should avoid reading on a digital screen before bed. 1. It makes you less alert during the day. It’s really that simple. If you ...
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  • The Importance of Wearing Swim Goggles this Summer

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 24-Jul-2015

    It has been unseasonably cool (and wet) so far this year, but the hot and sticky summer temps will be here before you know it. When you can’t get away from the Texas heat in the summer, there’s just one thing to do: go for a swim! Swimming is a generally safe activity, but when you do consider the dangers of swimming, you probably immediately think about drowning. Chances are, you ...
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  • What You Don't Know About Sunglasses Could Cost You Big Time

    Posted By Key Whitman || 22-Jul-2015

    Based on a new Harris Poll, The Vision Council reports 25 percent of adults in the U.S. rarely or never wear sunglasses. If you’re like two-thirds of the 2,000 adults surveyed for the poll, you probably don’t realize the high cost associated with forgoing quality sun protection for your eyes either. According to Renee Macdonald, Director of Optical Services at Key-Whitman Eye Center, ...
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  • Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery for Athletes

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 22-Jul-2015

    An athlete's vision needs go beyond the vision requirements of daily life. Many sports require excellent depth perception, peripheral vision and hand-eye coordination—all aspects of vision that may affect an athlete’s performance. Like anyone without 20/20 vision, athletes must rely on corrective lenses, such as contact lenses or eyeglasses, to see clearly. Unfortunately for ...
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  • 10 Amazing Facts About the Human Eye

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 7-Jul-2015

    The human eye is a complex and fascinating organ. The processes that take place between your eyes and your brain to allow you to see images and colors are enough to leave anyone in awe. Here are 10 amazing facts about the human eye you might not know: 1. The human eye contains more than two million operational parts that process up to 35,000 bits of information every hour. It is one of the most ...
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  • Why You Should Listen to Rapper Fetty Wap to Avoid Blindness

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 6-Jul-2015

    Rap superstar Fetty Wap has found fans in other hit makers from Rhianna to Jay Z and Beyoncé for good reason. His hit "Trap Queen" topped Billboard's Hot Rap Songs charts this spring, he loves his mom and he’s steadfast about being honest about himself. This became abundantly clear when he set the record about how he lost his eye. No, he didn’t get hit with ...
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