LASIK Surgery: Blade Versus Blade Free

Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 7-Mar-2012

iStock_000017434181XSmallThe terms associated with laser eye surgery, such as bladeless, blade free, all laser and IntraLase®, can be confusing to a potentialLASIK surgery patient. What does “bladeless” or “blade free” really mean? Do eye doctors in 2012 still use blades during LASIK eye surgery?

Let us break it down for you and answer some of these questions.

LASIK surgery is performed by cutting a small flap in the cornea of the eye, raising it, and using a laser to reshape the eye, which will correct the patient’s vision. Traditionally, LASIK was performed with a microkeratome, an instrument used to cut a thin flap in the cornea. In 1999, IntraLase® was introduced, which allows that flap in the cornea to be cut using a femtosecond laser, rather than the blade of a microkeratome.

Though IntraLase® is marketed as both “bladeless” and “all laser” LASIK surgery, some doctors would argue that the terms are misleading. IntraLase® does allow the surgery to be performed without the use of a blade, and therefore, the term “bladeless” is accurate. However even with IntraLase®, LASIK surgery is still performed by cutting a flap in the cornea.

IntraLase® allows surgeons to operate with more precision. It also reduces the risk of complications. Due to the risk of complications of LASIK performed with a blade, many patients would not be considered eligible candidates. IntraLase® gives some of these patients the opportunity to now undergo LASIK to correct their vision.

At Key-Whitman Eye Center, we believe bladeless IntraLase® surgery is the best option for the patient. Patients who undergo IntraLase® LASIK are more likely to have better vision results than those who undergo LASIK surgery with the use of a blade. IntraLase® reduces the risk of complications and allows the doctor to operate with more precision, achieving the highest results.

Safety and precision are very important qualities at Key-Whitman Eye Center. We spare no expense to bring the best in technology to the Dallas Metroplex and to our patients. As you join the approximately 1.3 million other Americans who have LASIK each year, know that you have chosen an eye care center a center who knows the importance of technology in addressing your eyes and their unique qualities.

Wondering if you may be a candidate for LASIK or another type of laser vision correction? Take our online self-evaluation to determine your vision correction options. If you are already considering LASIK, schedule yourfree consultation at Key-Whitman Eye Center today.

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