Are Prescribed Lash-Lengthening Serums Safe?

Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 3-Jan-2012

What is LatisseFrom plumping mascaras to eyelash extensions, women have gone to great lengths for the chance to bat Bambi-style eyelashes. Now there is another option that grows, thickens, lengthens, and darkens your own eyelashes, LATISSE® . You may have already heard about the FDA approved, prescription-only treatment, but are still unsure of the positive and negative side effects.

What is LATISSE®?

LATISSE® is derived from Bimatoprost, also known as Lumigan, a drug used to treat glaucoma by lowering intraocular pressure. When the glaucoma drug was released, ophthalmologists began to notice that patients were returning for check-ups within six to eight weeks reporting increased eyelash growth over time.

Latisse results

How It Works?

LATISSE® makes eyelash growth possible because of its active ingredient: bimatoprost. Although the precise process is not known, research suggests that the growth of eyelashes occurs by increasing the percent of hairs in, and the duration of, the growth phase. Lashes can grow longer, thicker and darker because bimatoprost also prolongs this eyelash growth phase.

LATISSE® is applied to the top eyelid at the base of the lashes (see video demonstration: How-to-Apply). A sterile applicator is supplied for each application to prevent infection or allergic reaction. Contact lenses must also be removed before application, and cannot be reinserted for fifteen minutes. For full results, LATISSE® must be applied once a day for eight weeks. Users have seen eyelash length increase up to 25 percent after the full treatment period.

Latisse application

Is it Safe?

According to clinical studies, LATISSE® is safe for most people. LATISSE® is the only FDA-approved product to grow eyelashes. It has been studied for safety and efficacy and is available only by prescription. However, LATISSE® is not recommended for those who are treating an active infection, inflammation, decreased vision, eye trauma, or those with eye conditions such as glaucoma or macular edema.

Latisse safety

The most common side effects after using LATISSE® solution are a temporary itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness. LATISSE® can also cause skin darkening where the solution is applied, which may be reversible after product application is discontinued. Other reported side effects include eye irritation, dryness of the eyes and redness of the eyelids. While very infrequent, LATISSE® use may also cause increased brown iris pigmentation of the colored part of the eye which is likely to be permanent.

Also, because the active ingredient in LATISSE® lowers intraocular pressure, we recommend seeing an ophthalmologist on a regular basis to monitor any changes in your eye pressure.

Where Can I Buy LATISSE®?

If you are interested in trying LATISSE®, make an appointment with one of our Key-Whitman ophthalmologists today for more information on receiving a prescription.

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