Eye Safety Tips and Tricks for Makeup Application

Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 15-Feb-2012

iStock_000014215746XSmallBeauty is in the eye of the beholder...of a mascara wand! If you’re looking to impress that special someone with a sultry smokey eye, keep in mind the importance of eye safety before you apply any cosmetics. Whether you are primping for a romantic date or a fun night out with the girls, our eye safety makeup application tips below will keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.

  • Wash your hands. It is essitential to wash your hands before you touch your eyes and face to avoid outside bacteria from entering your eye.
  • Change out old eye makeup products often. Makeup products can harbour bacteria, so it is important to change your products out often to avoid bacteria buildup.Generally, we recommend that you change your mascara and eye liner products every four to six months. You can hold onto eyeshadow longer (up to a year), because it does not come into direct contact with your eye. However, if you develop an eye infection, you should immediately replace all of your eye makeup with new products.
  • Don’t add water to dried out mascara. It is important that you never mix dried-out mascara with water to try and extend its usage. Adding moisture will worsen bacteria buildup. It is also important to never use an old mascara applicator in a new tube, because infectious bacteria can still be transferred this way.
  • Don’t share eye makeup.We recommend that you never share eye makeup with a friend. This is a sure way to contract Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) and several other bacteria-related infections. The “no sharing” rule also applies to using sample testers at your favorite cosmetic store or department store beauty counter.
  • If you wear contact lenses, be very cautious when applying eye makeup.It is very easy for eye makeup particles to flake into the eye and get under the contact, which may cause corneal abrasions. Avoid thickening, lash-building mascaras and metallic-sheen eyeshadows for the same reason.

If you have recently undergone eye surgery, ask your ophthalmologist when it is okay to go back to your normal cosmetic routine. You will probably be advised to stop wearing eye makeup a few days before and after surgery.

If you happen to hurt your eye during or after applying your cosmetics, call your eye doctor immediately and make an appointment to have your eye examined. Take the applicator, stick or liner with you to your appointment, as yoru doctor may request to test for bacteria on the tools.

If you think you may have developed an eye infection, or have more questions about eye safety and makeup application, please call Key-Whitman Eye Center and make an appointment with one of our experienced eye doctors.

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