Put LASIK Under The Christmas Tree This Year!

Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 11-Dec-2012

Christmas TreeLASIK eye surgery is a quick, simple and relatively painless solution to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, with or without astigmatism, or to correct vision for patients whose vision was over or under-corrected during a previous laser eye surgery or cataract surgery. Patients who undergo laser eye surgery are often able to say goodbye to their glasses or contact lenses altogether.

Are you or your spouse or loved one dependent on glasses or contact lenses to see clearly? Why not give a gift that will last for years to come? Put LASIK under the Christmas tree this year!

Our Key-Whitman gift certificates make it easy to give the gift of LASIK this holiday season. With one of our gift cards, you can cover the vision correction evaluation fee ($125) for your loved one. First, the recipient of your gift must schedule a complimentary consultation. If it is determined during the free consultation that they are not a candidate for LASIK and they choose not to continue with the examination, your money will be refunded.

About LASIK eye surgery at Key-Whitman

The doctors at Key-Whitman use the Wavelight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q for OptiLASIK™ and Intralase® blade-free lasers to perform LASIK eye surgery. During the surgery procedure, a flap is created using IntraLase and it is gently lifted and folded back. The laser reshapes the underlying corneal tissue by emitting a computer-controlled beam of light that removes the exact amount of tissue in a matter of seconds. The corneal flap is then placed back into its original position. Due to the cornea's extraordinary bonding qualities, no stitches or patches are required.
OptiLASIK is designed to adapt to the unique curvature of the eye, reshaping it more closely to the curve of an ideal, natural eye. As a result, OptiLASIK™ helps preserve the quality of vision by ensuring the eyes are reshaped to be able to focus more accurately.
Why be dependent on glasses or contact lenses if you don’t have to be? Prescription lenses are expensive to purchase, but LASIK laser eye surgery can eliminate the cost and hassle of purchasing contact lenses every six to 12 months, or frequently replacing eyeglasses.

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