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  • Is LASIK Eye Surgery Right For You?

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 31-Aug-2012

    LASIK eye surgery is used to correct refractive errors, reducing or eliminating the patient’s need to wear contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses. Though LASIK technologies have advanced, making it available to a wider range of patients, it still may not be the best vision correction option for you. How do you know if LASIK eye surgery is right for you? The ideal candidate for LASIK is at ...
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  • LASIK Eye Surgery: 10 Facts to Know

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 29-Aug-2012

    LASIK eye surgery is becoming increasingly popular as people look for alternatives to vision correction without pesky eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK technology continues to improve, making the surgery more precise and reducing risk of complications. Even with the promises of the latest technology, every patient’s needs are different. Before committing to LASIK eye surgery, there are 10 ...
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  • How to Treat Pinkeye

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 21-Aug-2012

    Pinkeye -- also known as conjunctivitis -- is an eye condition characterized by redness and swelling on the whites of the eye and eyelids. Most often, pinkeye is caused by a bacterial infection, but can also be attributed to allergies, a chemical reaction or another eye condition. Pinkeye is very contagious, and is easily spread, especially among children. It is spread through poor hygiene, ...
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  • Beauty Treatments for Your Eyes

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 21-Aug-2012

    Eye surgery and eye treatments are most often thought of as treatments for an eye condition or vision loss, but many eye treatments are actually cosmetic. Key-Whitman offers a number of beauty treatments for your eyes. From Latisse® to oculoplastic surgery to Botox®, we’re here for your vision and beauty needs! Latisse® Latisse® is the first and only prescription treatment to ...
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  • Schedule an Appointment During National Eye Exam Month

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 10-Aug-2012

    In 1989, Sears Optical dedicated August as National Eye Exam Month to encourage people everywhere to see their eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam. Now is a great time to schedule an appointment to have your eyes examined! Annual eye exams are an important element of your preventative health care. A comprehensive eye exam in which your eyes are dilated is the most effective method for ...
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  • How LASIK Surgery Works

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 10-Aug-2012

    LASIK eye surgery is becoming increasingly more popular as a form of vision correction. LASIK can be used to treat a number of eye conditions, including myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. While most people may understand that LASIK eye surgery is performed using a laser, their knowledge does not extend beyond that. Before undergoing any medical procedure, ...
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  • Crystalens Surgery FAQs

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 8-Aug-2012

    Crystalens® is an intraocular lens implant that is used to improve vision near and far away. Individuals who undergo Crystalens® laser eye surgery can eliminate their dependence on contact lenses, bifocals and reading glasses. Crystalens® is the most advanced form of intraocular lens implant cataract surgery. The majority of daily activities performed by adults are done in what is ...
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  • Aging Eyes

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 6-Aug-2012

    It’s no secret that as we age, parts of our body begin to decline and don’t function as they once did. Unfortunately, our vision is no different. Most people over 40 will experience age-related vision loss due to presbyopia, cataracts or another condition. Have you noticed that you now need glasses to see up close or that you struggle to see things at a distance or to distinguish ...
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  • Contact Lens Discomfort

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 2-Aug-2012

    Discomfort when wearing contact lenses isn’t uncommon, but many people suffer in silence, assuming there’s nothing that can be done to east the discomfort. If you experience contact lens discomfort, relieving that discomfort could be an easy fix. Oftentimes, it comes down to lack of proper care for contact lenses. Contact lens discomfort can be eliminated for good with LASIK eye ...
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  • Eye Floater Causes

    Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 2-Aug-2012

    Have you noticed black spots, specks or even the appearance of a “cobweb” in your field of vision? These are called floaters. Typically, floaters are no cause for alarm; they are simply annoying. While they are most commonly harmless, if you notice floaters, it’s important to schedule eye exam to rule out a retinal emergency and determine the eye floater causes. Floaters are the ...
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