Is Final Destination 5 LASIK disaster possible? Thankfully, No

Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 6-Oct-2011

final destination 5Of all the movie trailer moments of the summer, one of the most jaw-dropping is the Final Destination 5 LASIK scene. Of course, anyone familiar with the Final Destination series would expect no less than these exaggerated scenes to play on common fears, but it may have topped itself with this little piece segment. The very premise of death by LASIK is simply not possible.

To enlighten those not familiar with this series of films, we should explain that the Final Destination movies follow the same basic plot. A group of teenagers somehow survives a tragedy, like a plane crash or, in this case, a bridge collapse. Angry at their escape, death pursues them like a vigilante, picking them off one by one.

In the LASIK scene, a young and beautiful girl, holding a teddy bear—ostensibly for extra sentimental impact—is lying on the chair as a doctor props her eye open and tells her she will have perfect vision after the procedure. He then says something about an incomplete file and leaves the room. Predictably, the LASIK machine then turns itself on and kills the girl with lasers.

The “predictably” in that last statement was ironic, because what is predictable in horror movies and what goes on in real life are very different things. In fact, there is absolutely nothing predictable about a murderous LASIK machine! (That’s why you have to watch those things, because they are so unpredictable!)We joke, of course, because the staff at Key-Whitman guarantees that the LASIK machine will not kill you, or even have the capacity to do anything close. Here is a break down of what makes this whole concept so laughable:

  • You will not be left alone with the big, bad laser-shooting machine. The entire procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. An incomplete file would hardly be so urgent that it couldn’t wait until after your doctor is finished with your surgery. In addition, the staff at Key Whitman is a caring group of professionals that would not ignore a girl calling for help.
  • Even if you are left alone (which would never happen), the machine is not capable of killing you. The lasers used in LASIK surgery are very specialized and programmed to do an extremely delicate procedure. Such lasers are not capable of killing anyone.
  • The FDA does not list “death” as a risk. Risks of LASIK include things like dry eye, visual disturbances, and diminished vision as you age. “The machine may go rogue and kill you” is not anywhere on the list.

Aside from the “our LASIK won’t kill you” guarantee, there are many other reasons to visit Key Whitman. Recognized as a leading eye-care facility for nearly fifty years, they provide a full range of progressive ophthalmic services, including non-deadly LASIK.

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