LASIK Correction and Exciting Careers

Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 7-Jun-2011

Navy SealsLast month’s capture of the Bin Laden compound stirred the excitement of the people of the United States, and inspired our national imagination. At the center of these imaginings are the brave Navy SEALs who carried out the raid with precision and force. Among the most elite warriors of America, SEALS have captured the attention of the world in this maneuver, and roused interest among many young men interested in becoming a part of this exclusive team.

Entrance into the Navy SEALs force, though, is limited, and the requirements are stringent. SEALs undergo rigorous training in order to be able to survive high pressure situations like the Bin Laden operation. They must be male, no older than twenty eight years old, and in peak physical condition, able to pass grueling physical and mental tests just to be considered for training. Of every two hundred candidates, somewhere around twelve become SEALs, and there are only about 2500 SEALs in total. They must be warriors, problem solvers, and diplomats, with their mental acuity just as sharp as their physical ability, and their bodies must be in top form. Among other requirements, SEALs must have excellent vision.

The vision requirement used to be disheartening news for candidates with the strength and intelligence, but not the eyesight. However, with the development of laser eye surgery, men born with impaired vision can still realize their dreams of becoming Navy SEALs. A candidate must successfully complete training, of course, and must obtain a waiver to be qualified through surgery, but laser vision eye correction has opened a door that was previously locked.

Of course, the Navy SEALs are not the only ones looking for candidates with perfect vision. While many jobs can be performed by people wearing contact lenses or eye glasses, in some cases even those measures cannot improve vision enough to qualify someone for a particular job. Whether it is a job that requires safety goggles, night vision, or even diving into water, glasses and contacts can interfere with job performance. Jobs in which people benefit from not needing glasses or contacts include:

  • Professional Sports
  • Police and Firefighting Squads
  • Lifeguards
  • Pilots
  • Medical professionals (doctors, surgeons, nurses, dentists, physicians assistants)
  • Astronauts

Even people who do not have aspirations towards such high performance occupations can improve their lives through LASIK and other vision correction procedures. If you are looking for a LASIK provider in Dallas, Plano and Arlington, look no further! With nearly fifty years of experience, Key Whitman can help you live a life free from vision problems and unfettered by glasses. Who knows? You may even decide to become a Navy SEAL.

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