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LASIK FAQ2LASIK is a popular procedure, and a LASIK FAQ can be a helpful tool for patients who are considering the surgery. Even though laser vision correction has become commonplace, there are still misconceptions surrounding it, and the same questions come up repeatedly. The following is a list of frequently asked questions, and some helpful answers.

  • Who can LASIK benefit? Good candidates for LASIK are people with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, and who have a strong desire to be less dependent on corrective lenses. It is also important that patients have realistic expectations, and understand the risks associated with the surgery.
  • Who can't have LASIK? Certain pre-existing conditions may be considered contraindications to the procedure, and sometimes, factors exist that preclude a patient from being an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery. Often, a surgeon may still be able to safely perform the procedure, given that the patient and physician have adequately discussed the risks and benefits and set realistic expectations for results.
  • If I am not eligible for LASIK, are there other options available to me? There are many types of refractive surgeries available to patients, and LASIK is only one option. To determine your eligibility for another procedure, discuss your options with your ophthalmologist.
  • How much does LASIK cost?The cost of LASIK varies from patient to patient, but Key-Whitman accepts all major credit cards, and has several financing options available, to meet most budgets. For more information, visit
  • Does insurance cover this surgery? LASIK is not a cosmetic procedure, but because it is considered an elective surgery, many insurance policies will not cover the procedure, nor will Medicare. Check with your insurance company to see if your policy offers partial or full coverage. The cost of the procedure can often be covered by a flex spending account that allows pretax dollars to be set aside for medical expenses. Your employer should be able to tell you if your company offers this type of benefit.
  • Is there an age limit to when you should have LASIK?There is no upper age limit for LASIK, but it is not usually advisable for patients younger than the age of 18.
  • Can I go blind?There has never been a case of blindness caused by laser vision correction. It is important, however, that patients use an experienced surgeon, one who is very familiar with LASIK procedures, in order to reduce the risk of complications.
  • Is it better to do one eye at a time, waiting for the first eye to heal before doing the other, or to have the LASIK surgery on both eyes at the same time? Surgeons typically find it preferable to do both eyes at the same time, because it is more convenient, requires fewer visits, is somewhat less expensive, and avoids any trouble between operations with the eyes working together.
  • How long does it take to do LASIK?Though the procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes per eye, with the laser only used for less than a minute per eye, you should plan to be in the office for approximately an hour and a half on the day of surgery.

We hope this LASIK FAQ list has answered your questions, so that you can make an informed decision about LASIK surgery. When you are ready to have the procedure, be sure to find a surgeon with experience and a good track record for success. Recognized as a leading eye-care facility for nearly fifty years, the Key-Whitman Eye Center is led by Jeffrey Whitman, M.D., who was recognized by D Magazine's "Best Doctors" peer review as one of Dallas' best for the past ten years. Visit the Key-Whitman website to fill out a form and schedule a free consultation.

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