Eye Strain Symptoms

Posted By Key-Whitman Eye Center || 29-Aug-2011

Eye Strain SymptomsIf your job involves working at a computer, reading fine print, or watching television monitors, you could suffer from eye strain symptoms without even realizing it. It is important to recognize the symptoms of eye strain so that you can take measures to prevent damage to your eyes and your vision. The most common symptoms include:

Headaches: Frequent headaches and migraines often occur due to strain on the eyes.

Eye pain: This can be pain behind the eyes or above the eyebrows.

Watery, burning, or itching eyes: These symptoms can all be caused by overuse of the eyes. When you spend time staring at one thing (such as a computer monitor) for long periods of time, you tend to blink less often than you would if you were constantly shifting your focus to many things. This leads to dry, itchy, watery, or burning eyes. Along with these symptoms, you may also experience redness in your eyes.

Muscle spasms or twitching: Spasms in the muscles around your eyes or twitching of your eyelids can also be signs of eye strain.

Visual problems: Severe eye strain can cause symptoms that include blurred or double vision. This may be followed by changes in color perception, and seeing afterimages when you move your focus away from the computer monitor. You may also notice that you have an increased sensitivity to light.

All of these symptoms are potential signs that you should modify your habits to help avoid eye strain. Taking frequent breaks when you are working at a computer can help considerably – even looking away from the monitor for a few minutes each hour can help minimize the symptoms of eye strain. It is also important to make sure that the area where you work is well lit. If you experience any of the severe eye strain symptoms, it is important to have your vision checked to make sure that there is not a more serious underlying problem, and to prevent any permanent vision loss or damage.

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