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Patient Reviews

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Jeannie Brady
Sam Cohn
Loretta Curtis
Dr. Steve Frost
Pat Hertz
Brenda Hoelscher
Susan King
Don Koesling
Gary "Lynx" Moore
Dr. Wayne Peavy
Maxine Potter
Mary Lou Schlehuber
Dave Scott
Jane Snapp
Kathrine A.
Melanie A.
Roberta A.
Gary B.
Bunnie B.
David B.
Faye B.
Jeffrey B.
John B.
Germain B.
Lauri B.
Lynda B.
Joseph B.
Lary B.
Rebecca B.
Robert B.
Clarice C.
Don C.
Ted C.
Belinda C.
Bryan C.
Bobbie C.
Al C.
Carl C.
Freida C.
Gerald C.
Leslie C.
Paula C.
Rangadhar D.
Maria D.
Margaret D.
Jarvis D.
Bobby D.
Joseph D.
Dee D.
Thomas D.
Marilyn E.
Bruce E.
Lyle F.
Cindy F.
Doris F.
Sandy F.
Nancy F.
Mark F.
Stephen F.
Karen G.
Stormy G.
Carolyn G.
Michael G.
Logan G.
Jenny G.
Jimmy G.
Jerry H.
Lisa H.
Lois H.
Ted H.
Leon H.
Lee H.
Kathryn H.
Betty I.
William J.
Abdul J.
William J.
Joan J.
Lucienne J.
Blanca K.
Fred K.
Annie K.
Barry K.
Susan K.
Jo K.
Jack K.
Audrey K.
Scott K.
Sheila L.
Barbara L.
Linda L.
Renee L.
Robin L.
Doug M.
Bob M.
Dorothy M.
Kim M.
Linda M.
Glenda M.
Linda M.
Kaye M.
Mary M.
Barry M.
Mike M.
Michael M.
Pradip M.
Scott M.
Shane M.
Tom M.
Joe M.
Claudia N.
Harold P.
Michael P.
Angela P.
Andrea P.
Bob P.
David P.
John P.
Pat P.
Roger P.
Stan P.
Monty P.
Tara P.
Rose P.
James R.
Rosalina R.
Genevieve R.

Jon R.
Fariba R.
Barbara R.
June R.
Kellie R.
William R.
John R.
Lawrence D. R.
Mike R.
Mary S.
Tiffany S.
Sara S.
Lauren S.
Cindy S.
Oleta S.
Eui S.
Freddie S.
Linda S.
Valentina S.
Caryl T.
Sheila T.
Greg T.
Phyllis T.
Harrell T.
Tim T.
Jefferson T.
Larry T.
Venky V.
Carol V.
Kenneth V.
John V.
Sue W.
Shirley W.
Earl W.
Dawn W.
Martha W.
Amy W.
Susan W.
Kelly W.
Charlotte W.
Ted W.
Melinda Z.

Lasik Surgery Reviews
"What an enjoyable experience...I have always had a lot of apprehension and anxiety when it comes to anything dealing with my eyes...even to the point of not feeling well. Dr. Hong and her people were marvelously comforting and supportive as well as educational."

~ Scott M.

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