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I had been told during an eye examination back in 2006 that I had mild cataracts forming in both eyes, and to be aware of it. During the next few years both cataracts got worst, and the right eye was becoming more and more difficult to see, particularly at night. What finally made me take action was driving over the curb at night. I am on Medicare and was concerned about the cost, and going to any type of doctors office is something I have always dreaded and postponed.

When I made my appointment with Key Whitman, it was obvious they are a very professional group. My appointments were handled perfectly down to the very last detail, and MD Faisal E. Haq performed the surgery on both eyes - one eye at a time, and one month apart.

The cost of both operations was very reasonable, and the operations were painless.

I just had my ONE-YEAR FOLLOWUP exam yesterday with my favorite doctor of all time, Doctor Faisal E. Haq MD. My sight is 20/20 at age 70! They no longer call me "Mr. Magoo".

I was so grateful to be able to see clearly again, that I went to a trophy shop, and had them make Doctor Haq a beautiful plaque for his desk.

~ Pierre C.


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