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Dr. Whitman Talks About Insurance Policies

Dr. Whitman explains that it is important for patients to examine their insurance ...

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Insurance Navigators at Key-Whitman Eye Center

Our insurance navigators at Key-Whitman Eye Center can help patients with any confusion ...

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Key-Whitman Eye Center Works Out VA Reimbursements

At Key-Whitman Eye Center, our team works out reimbursements with the VA so U.S. veterans ...

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Dr. Whitman Encourages Patients to Look Over Insurance Plans

At our office, we are dedicated to helping our clients receive the care they need in as ...

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Key-Whitman Eye Center Works Hard for You

Networks within insurance plans often change. To ensure you are covered, our team is ...

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How To Pick a Specialist

We believe it is important to pick a specialist that has a large geographic presence. At ...

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Good Morning Texas - Are You A Candidate for LASIK?

Dr. Whitman discusses who may be a good candidate for LASIK vision correction surgery.

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Good Morning Texas - Diabetes and the Eye

Dr. Whitman joins Good Morning Texas to discuss the potential effects of diabetes on the ...

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Good Morning Texas - Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery

Dr. Whitman discusses new technologies to help reduce eye pressure for glaucoma patients ...

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Good Morning Texas - Allergy Season

Dr. Faisal Haq discusses how allergies may affect your eyes, and what steps can be taken ...

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Good Morning Texas - Save Your Vision Month

Dr. Whitman explains the importance of scheduling regular eye exams to help support a ...

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Good Morning Texas - Cataracts and Your Health

Dr. Whitman describes how cataracts may not only harm your vision, but also your overall ...

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Vision ICL Patient - Ashley

ICL patient Ashley discusses her experience with dry eyes and how our procedures helped ...

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Vision ICL Patient - Danielle

After undergoing vision correction, Danielle has been able to benefit from ICL. She ...

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Vision ICL Patient - Jennifer

Jennifer’s vision issues started at 8 years old. By 12, they had considered her legally ...

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Vision ICL Patient - Emily

After losing her vision in one eye because extended use of contacts, Emily sought an ...

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Vision ICL Benefits -

Some of the patients discuss the benefits of ICL and the way their vision has improved. ...

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KXAS-TV NBC 5: RVO Raindrop Corneal Inlay Live Broadcast Surgery

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KXAS-TV NBC 5: Transient Smartphone Blindness

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Dr. Razi on KTVT CBS 11: Firework Dangers and Ways to Protect Your Vision

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Crystalens® AO - Treatment for Cataracts

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TRULIGN™ Toric - Cataracts & Astigmatism

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Rebekah- Contact Lens Care

A patient from Key-Whitman Eye Center explains that she never considered the importance of ...

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Life Changing - Lasik Surgery

Rebekah, a patient of Key-Whitman Eye Center, explains how grateful she is to have ...

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Legally Blind and In Need of Help- Rebekah

At the age of 24, doctors determined that Rebekah was legally blind. Thankfully, the team ...

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Care for Contact Lenses- Rebekah

Rebekah explains her experiences using contact lenses. Before, she did not understand the ...

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Corneal Ulcer

At a young age, Rebekah suffered pain from a corneal ulcer. Key-Whitman Eye Center was ...

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Rebekah's Experience with Lasik Eye Surgery

Rebekah was considered legally blind at the age of 24. However, after undergoing Lasik eye ...

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Dr. Jeffrey Whitman, Dr. Faisal Haq, and Dr. Ronald M. Barke shed light on an eye ...

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Cataracts Surgery - What to Expect

At Key-Whitman Eye Center, our team of highly skilled surgeons is here to make you ...

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Cataracts Surgery Options

Our cataract surgery team at Key-Whitman Eye Center explains how cataracts develops. In ...

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Diabetic Eye Disease

At Key-Whitman Eye Center, we recognize that persons with diabetes, who have high glucose ...

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Implantable Collamer Lens Vision Correction for Myopia

When a person suffers from far-sightedness or near-sightedness, they may be eligible to ...

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Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)

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